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[Insights Secure STHIR– 2021] Mini Secure Revision Test: 19 December 2020

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General Studies – 1


1. Give an account of economic activities in the British type climate. Why is Lumbering so profitable in this climatic type? (250 words)

Reference: Certificate of Physical Geography by GC Leong.


General Studies – 2


2. True democracy cannot exist unless all citizens have a right to participate in the affairs of the polity of the country. Comment. (250 words)

Reference:  Indian Express 


General Studies – 3


3. As landholdings are too small for mechanisation, can land pooling and land leasing be a panacea for it? Critically analyse. (250 words)

Reference: The Hindu 


4. Leveraging technology is the only sustainable solution for MSMEs, as it improves all aspects of their business. Elaborate. (250 words)

Reference: Indian Express 


5. A proper road map supported government investment and implementation on ground is needed move on from coal legacy to a gas based economy. Critically comment. (250 words)

References: The Hindu 


General Studies – 4


6. Legality is not the standard of right or wrong, Humanity is. Elaborate. (150 words)

Reference: Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude by Lexicon Publications.


7. Work culture not only determines efficiency but also probity. Comment. (150 words)

Reference: Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude by Lexicon Publications.

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