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[Motivation] Wisdom of Scavenging for Resources

There is an interesting story about a man who collected millions of books. 

He had no time to read because it took so much time to collect. He collected and collected — his library became the best in the world — but he had not read anything. Then came his death, and doctors said, ‘You will not be surviving more than one week.’ 

He said, ‘But this is unjust! For my whole life I have been collecting and waiting that one day I will retire and read, but now there is no time. What to do?’ 

Somebody suggested, ‘You can hire scholars. They can read all the books and in a summary form, before you die, they can give you the gist.’ 

So scholars gathered, they read all the books, and they prepared short notes, but still it was too big a thing. Again it was like a Bible; and the man was dying. On the seventh day they brought the book. 

He said, ‘Are you mad? There is no time! Make it shorter!’ 

By the evening they came. They had shortened it to only one paragraph, but the man was getting unconscious. 

So they said, ‘Wait! We have shortened it!’ But he was not there, he was relapsing into unconsciousness. He died without ever enjoying a single book.

Some of the UPSC aspirants are no different than that collection man. Being an ambitious aspirant, we want to read every book from the famous authors but our half finished books are being piled up day by day. We want to get the print out of every new notes from the Market but the unread sheets are getting dust in the racks. We want to view the most watched videos on Youtube but the length of Playlist is becoming longer and longer. We want to download Test Series of every institute from the Telegram Channels but we won’t complete even 5 to 10 tests from the major institutes. 

Scavenging of materials may give some comfort to our insecure mind. Subconsciously we may feel we are in a much better shape as our accumulated resources are bigger than others. But as we come nearer to the exams, we need only a few crisp notes. Ultimately we have to write answers in 150 and 250 words format. Our total words per subject should be less than 4000 words.

Try to restrict yourself to the minimum resources which are credible and revision-friendly. Keep making notes which would be handy at the time of Exams. . Your goal should be to win this game.

Avoid becoming a person who keeps on collecting minimum resources.  

Don’t attach to resources and materials. You are collecting more because either you are not confident of reading these materials or you do not know how to use them. Best thing to do is to be minimalistic. Simplify your preparation and make this journey relaxed and enjoyable.