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[InstaMotivation at 9pm] Plan for the Miracle! Be Realistic.

Coming from a Middle-class family and becoming an IAS officer, giving relief to the distressed, representing the nation in the forums, devising and implementing policies and programmes is no less than a Miracle. Once you become a Civil Servant, the socio-economic life of you and your family will elevate to a higher level. It would be the biggest leap forward in your life. While others are satisfied with a 9 to 5 comfort job, stress-free life, and craving for worldly indulgences, you are persevering this Miraculous Plan/ Dream/ Aim. A big salute to this courageous Plan.

But things in the world happen in a practical way. If you are aiming to reach the pinnacle of Mt Everest, you have to traverse in a series of systematic steps. First, you must make up your mind and crystallize your willpower. A strong resolution is half work done. Next, you must register to the base camp and acclimatize to the less oxygen level atmosphere. Here, you will have to train your muscles for long endurances. You will start to embrace the painful efforts, to live with minimal requirements, and to understand the geography of the Himalayas.

Next, with the help of Team Lead and Sherpas, you will start hiking from one peak to the next ones. Your difficulty level increases progressively. Many times, you feel this task is insurmountable. Many of your peer hikers quit the journey midway. You will face various physical and mental difficulties. But if you persevere systematically as per the instructions of the hiking guide, the pinnacle will be nearer day by day.

Unfortunately, sometimes you may fall and get injured before reaching the pinnacle. Inner mind says ‘this is not for me’, ‘is it worth it?’, ‘why should I have to suffer’. But successful hikers start from wherever they are and from whatever little energy remains. Though delayed for a time more than planned, they reach Mt Everest Peak by utilizing the existing resources judiciously, by taking the guidance of Team Lead, and by using the constructive energy of peer groups. Ultimately what makes things possible is one’s indomitable spirit. That innate desire to excel no matter how much the world is against your plan. That inner strength is your ultimate source of inspiration. Awaken it to reach your goal. Whatever be the odds, nothing stands the force of inner strength. Weakness exists in the mind. So does the strength. 

Success in any journey is much more than the plans and dreams. You need to be realistic in every step you put. You should channelize all your energies of daydreams into the completion of day to day targets. 

How to climb Mt Everest? – Step by step. How to succeed in UPSC? – completion of syllabus through chapters by chapters, subject by subject, Question by question, Test by Test, Prelims->Mains->Interviews. Take your time. Plan well. Execute your plan. One day at a time. 

Plan for the Miracle! Be Realistic.