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Insta Ethics 70 Days Plan 2020 – Day 55


Day – 55


Case study

1.  You have been chosen by the company you are working for to head the office in USA. You have been asked by the company to ensure you have the necessary legal documents in place to ensure you can move to America at the earliest. One of the steps to have the necessary legal documents required by USA is to have a certificate issued to you by your local police station which is a very crucial part of the legal documents required. You approached the police station for the required certificate; however they did not readily honor your request. Every time you approached them, they gave an excuse to delay the matter further.

You found out the primary reason for delay is because the concerned officer is expecting money from your side to provide you necessary certificate. Any more delay on your part may result in you losing the opportunity given to you by the company. (150W|10M)

    1. Discuss what course of action you will take in this situation
    2. Suggest some innovative measures to fight corruption that affects the Indian police system.


2. You are an Income Tax Officer. You receive a complaint about a teacher who is conducting private tuitions but not paying tax for the income so earned. He reveals to you that the income so earned is being spent by him to fund education of poor students. Upon enquiry, you find his contention to be true. What is your further course of action? Please elaborate (150W|10M)


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