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[InstaMotivation at 9 pm] You’re not Worse than Others

motivationBeing a serious and committed aspirant, we know that we should wake up at 5 o’clock in the first alarm without pressing any snooze buttons. But we say ‘from tomorrow onwards I will sleep early and wake up early. Please excuse me for one day’. 

We know we have to write at least 3 to 4 Mains answers every day, attend 30 to 40 Daily MCQs, give weekly Prelims Mock Tests, complete unattended video lessons, we know we have to finish optional subjects in parallel to GS, cover pending monthly CA magazines. But we are always remaining par behind the targets, backlogs are being piled every day.

We know we should use every hour for the purpose of Civil Service Examination only. But we are getting stuck in some Netflix shows, Cricket or badminton matches, or any other fancy indulgences.

We know the importance of physical health. Accordingly, we have resolved to eat healthy food but our temptations are continuously being pulled towards Junk foods and caffeine. We had charted out the super schedule to accommodate physical exercise every day. But that regime is almost inconsistent these days.

The list of unfulfilled commitments is endless. Whenever we fail to act as per our plans, we fall in our own eyes. In the meantime, we also compare our poor state with others. We imagine that ‘others are working hard for 14 hours a day. But I’m losing control of my hours and days’. Rather than focusing on the task at hand, we start fearing losing the game. It starts appearing that others are a league ahead of us. It creates anxiety and unnecessary stress in the mind. 

But the thing which you undermine is, while you’re losing hours in your favorite activities, others may be wasting days and weeks in their indulgences. Missing targets is part and parcel of this game. We all are humans. We need breaks. We can’t hit centuries in every match. You have to hike through Peaks and Valleys. 

The best attitude you can develop is being empathetic towards Self. For whatever targets you’re completing, for whatever good scores you’re getting in Mocks, put a pat on your shoulders. Be your best friend. Try to comfort the self whenever you fail. 

And believe, you’re not worse than others. 

The important rule of this game is you need to muster up your courage, stand up from bits and pieces, and work with full vigor. This is how you will persevere till the end of this battle. This is how you will reach your destiny.

Be an Inspiration to Self.