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Insta Ethics 70 Days Plan 2020 – Day 53


Day – 53



1.  You have been assigned to a team which is headed by one of the senior IT professionals in the company. This person is known in the company to treat his sub-ordinates working under him at times in a harsh manner. However, the team that he handles always performs the best in the whole company. Hence, his treatment of his sub-ordinates is neglected by the higher management. Few days into working under him, you provided a suggestion to the senior with regards to a project execution in a better manner that would save money for your company. Your idea was implemented by the senior; however, no due credit was given to you. When you inquired about the same to him, he disregarded your requests. Furthermore, after your requests, he transferred you to a team which will not help you much in the growth of your career.

You are thinking of complaining about this to the higher management. However, one of your colleagues advised you against such a step since the people who complained against him were let go off by the company due to various reasons. You cannot afford to lose this job since it is crucial for your sustenance and finding another job in this pandemic affected economy will also be difficult.

In this context, answer the following questions:

    1. What are the options available to you in this situation? Examine their pros and cons
    2. What best course of action will you choose in this situation? Justify the reason for your action.


2. You are transferred to one of the most backward regions in the state. Upon taking up the duty, you set out on a primary task to ascertain the reasons for this backwardness of the district. Your inquiry found out that the public funds granted by the government for the development of the district is diverted by the government officials at all levels in the department for enriching themselves in a corrupt manner. The local MLA and MP and every major politician in the district are involved in this unfortunate affair.

Discuss on how you will address this situation to ensure funds meant for public welfare are not misused in your district.

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