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[InstaMotivation @ 9 pm] Breathe!


If you’re feeling low energy with a tired mind and body, take a long and deep Breath. 

If you’re feeling distracted and less focused during Prelims MCQ Tests, If you’re making silly mistakes even with exhaustive preparation, Breathe. It will bring the Concentration to your mind. 

If you’re not feeling to write the Daily Mains answers, if you want to postpone it for another day, just Breathe. It will bring back the attention and energy.

If you’re overwhelmed with many tasks and failing to complete even half of the targets, just Breathe. It will bring empathy towards you.

If you’re doubting your endurance, if you’re feeling that you can’t sustain this battle for the longer duration, Just Pause for a moment and Breathe. It will flush out the negativity and infuse the positivity. 

If you’re watching Netflix/ Youtube videos and fail to get out of this addiction, and if you keep saying to yourself, ‘Just one last video’, Breathe. It will disconnect the trains of thoughts tagged to images of video. You can take control on yourSelf with Breathing. 

If you wake up with self-doubt in the morning, if you want to make this day a better one than the previous day, Breathe. It will rejuvenate the soul. It will bring new Vibes in you.

Whenever, wherever, whatever, and however be you are, Breathe. This one simple exercise will make you grounded to your Goal. Most importantly this will let you sleep with peace of mind. 

Just relax and let your brain get its oxygen as much as possible. When you breathe and relax, without worrying about all the distractions that are wreaking havoc within and outside your body, you will see that achieving success becomes an easy task. 

If you want to succeed in Life (not just in exams) , Breathe.