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[InstaMOTIVATION at 9 pm] – What to do when People Laugh at you?

You have come to this UPSC preparation with so much of aspirations and ambitions. You wish to serve the nation. You want to make your parents proud. You seek to bring justice to the needy. You want to see yourself standing tall in front of the tri-color Indian flag. For this dream, you are putting in continuous efforts. You are still dependent on your parent’s support on financial matters. You are burning midnight oils while your friends are enjoying IPLs and Badminton matches. You are unemployed when your friends who were not so studious compared to you are earning handsomely today.  You seek no moral support from outside anymore. You are stuck in your own small world where outside life doesn’t interest you anymore. You are limited to your study room/ library when your batch-mates are making fancy trips to Goa, Ooty, and abroad locations. You are leading minimalist life by eating on average canteens when others are spending lavishly on the weekend parties.

Sacrificing days are turning  into weeks, into months, into attempts and into nightmares. But still, things are not happening as you planned! The journey to success is taking more time than you expected. Sometimes, you also feel that you may not be able to reach the destination.

If you are capable to dream about being a Civil Servant means you must be having the potential to achieve it. But the main ingredient for success, which you may not be emphasizing is Complete Determination. You came to UPSC preparation as with conviction in your abilities. You still have that strength that you seek today. It’s hidden under those layers of self-doubt.

You must endure the seeking process for a longer duration even though people around you are laughing. You must believe in the process and your capability to stand unwavering until the positive results are received.  Let people around you laugh and rejoice. Let them taunt you today. Everything that comes in your way is a blessing. You will not realise this today. Everything that is happening with you is your source of inspiration – only if you can see it this way. 

Accept failures and humiliations with grace. And with gratitude as well. Today you may be isolated and rejected. But a day will definitely come, when you will finally taste so called success of clearing this exam,  you will not rejoice but feel grateful for everything you are going through today. 

Just stay relaxed and smile at the people and at the fate that are laughing at you.