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MOTIVATION: Bring Single-minded Focus into your Preparation.


Patanjali says “तीव्रसंवेगानामासन्नः”  ‘tīvra-saṁvegānām-āsannaḥ”. It could be roughly translated as “Success is nearest to those whose Efforts are Sincere and Intense”. 

Patanjali categorizes Seekers of Truth into 3 types. Like that, We can also divide the UPSC Aspirants into 3 types. The first one is a Kuthoohali, a person of Curiosity. He comes to this UPSC phase as a matter of attraction. Many of his friends/seniors were talking about the power of IAS Officer. He was watching many Movies and Ted-X talks related to the Civil Servants. He wanted to get into the craze of MukherjiNagar/ Rajinder Nagar. He wanted to get the Tag of ‘Civil Service Aspirant’. Hence, he enrols in some Coaching institute, but he isn’t  able to attend the classes regularly. He switches over to another Online Courses, for which his friends were endorsing in the Chai-Points. Unable to get any developments in the paid courses, he starts downloading the PDFs from Telegram Channel. Scavenging for online Materials from multiple sources becomes a daily habit. Inside, Mind keeps wavering. He never achieves confidence in his/her ability to complete any committed tasks. With this state, He gives one or two UPSC attempts. 

As expected, the clearing of Prelims becomes insurmountable. He will take voluntary retirement after 2 to 3 years of non-serious preparation. He finds passion in something else. The excitement of UPSC dies down once the Level of Hard-Core preparation is realized.  

The second type is Jigyasi. A person of Logical reasoning. She analytically finds the professional benefits of being a Civil Servant. She daydreams about roaming in an Ambassador car fitted with a red light, releasing quick orders of dismissing inefficient employees, getting praise from people and media, giving befitting replies to the ill-willed relatives, displaying huge wealth, So on & So forth.  

But her efforts were on the mental level only. She commits to the Course/ Plans easily. She honestly wants to follow all the classes, write all the Tests, and attends all the Discussion sessions. But she is vulnerable to boredom, distractions, and isn’t able to sustain the momentum till the end. But to avoid Cognitive Dissonance, she doubts the credibility of the institute or the viability of the Plan. She joins new plans every now and then. She writes the Daily Tests seriously for 15 to 20 days. But her participation reduces as she isn’t able to write regularly, more importantly, she fails to put in the efforts needed to bring the changes as received in the reviews. 

Jigyasi, though a serious aspirant, fails to clear the exam in successive attempts. She refuses to quit the process. Because she believes Perseverance is the key to success in UPSC. Throughout the process, she will be hankering for the glory of UPSC Rank, unhappy about her daily contribution, unsatisfied with her Progress, and less confident about the possibility of success. 

The third one is Mumuksha. The one who submits completely to the process. Becoming an IAS officer/ Civil Servant is not just her desire. But it is in her bone marrow. She has a TRUE 100% commitment to the process. Worldly distractions won’t waver her timetables. Low emotions won’t keep her daily commitments unfulfilled. 

Mumuksha takes more time, do homework before selecting the Coaching institute. She assesses the Mentors carefully. Once she is convinced, she submits completely to the plan. She follows it religiously without any doubt. She goes deeper and deeper into the process. She is clearly aware that “Existence rewards only one who holds nothing in herself, success happens to the one who pours all-out efforts into this process”. More than results, she has eyes more on the path. She believes in the day to day process. For her, achieving CSE rank is just another success after achieving thousands of daily minute steps in the course of UPSC Preparation.

Finally success in the UPSC exam is largely dependent on the systematic coverage of the syllabus(every part of it) and the gradual development of fine answer and essay writing skills, MCQs solving skills and personality development that suits the attitude of a civil servant. With respect to help you improve writing and MCQ skills,  we, at InsightsIAS, are proudly launching the course called STHIR-2021. It is a carefully drafted plan by keeping all the practical realities and to cover the GS syllabus comprehensively. InsightsIAS is known for consistency and quality in the Execution of plans. Every day, you will be provided with high-quality questions to challenge & sharpen your Preparation. Also, our Review Team will be there to Motivate and to guide you along by reviewing a few answers.  

As a True friend and Sincere well wisher, we want you to be like a Mumuksha. You should give yourself completely to this process. After one or two years of sincere preparation, you should not have the guilt of “I could have given the attempt a little harder, a bit honestly, and without selfishness to the temporary pleasures’.  If you are planning to give the UPSC Mains as your ‘THE best attempt’, participate in the STHIR-2021 wholeheartedly. Give all that you have. If you need some clarifications about the plan, discuss it with our mentors now only. Don’t join the plan out of Curiosity. Secure plans have helped 100s of Toppers. You can be the next topper who will be writing happily about your own hard work and our Secure initiative, especially STHIR plan

Joining STHIR-2021 should be like a Sincere commitment. And success in a relationship happens only when there is trust between two parties. We truly believe that UPSC doesn’t need a super-smart intelligent person but one who can put Hard Work coupled with smart work consistently for 1 to 2 years of preparation. We believe completely in the potential of every sincere aspirant to get the rank in UPSC’s final list. The question is do you have that determination, grit and right attitude to be consistent every day till you achieve your goal? 

If it’s yes, don’t stop until you get what you want. Pursue your goal with a single-minded focus. For you nothing is impossible when you have a larger purpose in life, absolute focus and a someone to support you in this journey consistently. 


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