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STRATEGY-2021: New Beginning from Tomorrow – Fixed Timing for Every Post to Ensure Consistency

From tomorrow we are starting a new episode in our efforts to help you regain control of your exam preparation and make sure that your attempt in CSE-2021 will be the best you can give from your end. 

The new STHIR or STEADY-2021 initiative will ensure that you will bring absolute discipline into the way you prepare for this exam. The steadiness or consistency that you will ensure through the STHIR-2021 initiative (free or paid version) will ensure that your confidence and motivation level will also increase gradually resulting in your best performance on D-Day. 

As part of overall Strategy-2021, you have already got a Timetable which has integrated all our initiatives. By following the timetable you will be writing at least 2 answers daily, solve 25 MCQs daily, read and digest current affairs on the same day. In the following days you will also write Ethics answers and also essays on every Sunday. Everything that you are going to do as part of the STHIR timetable will ensure that the skills needed to clear this exam will only go on improving every day. Improving skills is extremely important. This can only happen through regular practice. 

Remember that you will have thousands of serious aspirants participating in this guided process every day. You will have a great peer group that will participate with great enthusiasm to ensure that positivity and motivation is not subdued due to any kind of uncertainty. 

As you have noticed and experienced, we made sure that your preparation was not affected during the peak period of Covid pandemic. We didn’t abandon you. We kind of tried our best to ensure that your motivation was kept high and also you were kept engaged through regular posting of all initiatives. We also extended timetables to post more questions and tests so that you always gave your best every day. 

Continuing with the same spirit, from tomorrow we are going to post all our initiatives at a fixed timing without fail. Every initiative will have a fixed spot in a day according to which you can plan your daily routine. All our posts will be henceforth be known as InstaPosts. 

The following routine will be followed:

  1. Insta Secure – 2021:  at 9 am (Monday to Saturday)
  2. Insta Editorial – 2021:  at 10 am (Monday to Saturday)
  3. Insta Current Affairs Quiz – 2021: at 12 pm (Monday to Saturday)
  4. Insta Static Quiz – 2021: at 2 pm (Monday to Saturday)
  5. RS TV Big Picture-2021: at 3 pm (as and when important Issues arise)
  6. Insta Current Affairs – 2021: at 4 pm (Monday to Saturday)
  7. RTM Quiz – 2021: at 6 pm (Monday to Saturday)
  8. Insta Mindmaps – 2021: at 7 pm (Monday to Friday)
  9. Insta DART – 2021 (CSAT): at 8 pm (Monday to Saturday) 
  10. InstaMotivation – 2021: at 9 pm (Monday to Saturday)
  11. Weekly Insta Open Thread with InsightsIAS Team (On Forum): at 7 pm (Every Saturday)
  12. Weekly Essay Challenges – 2021: at 10 am (Every Sunday)
  13. Weekly Essay Perspectives Video: at 10 pm (Every Sunday)

As a team we have stayed more or less very consistent for 7 years in what we are delivering. But from this moment onwards we want to set an example by staying consistent throughout the year and deliver well what we have promised.

We know that our consistency is extremely important for your preparation. Past few months we too have struggled with Covid as many of our team members were affected and are still being affected by it. But we are not the ones who will give excuses or complain. We want to put interests of our students above everything. 

So far every one of you, through your support and love, have made this platform a positive source of energy, strategy and inspiration for everyone who is serious about cracking this exam. From our side also we would like to ensure that InsightsIAS platform continues to support you in this journey where uncertainty is increasing day by day. With increasing uncertainty there is increased anxiety amongst students. As your wellwisher we want to ensure that your focus is always on exam and all your efforts are directed towards making you face any uncertainty with confidence. 

Our Official Telegram channel which was started to instil confidence and also give tips about UPSC civil services exam preparation recently crossed 1 lakh members. Our community is growing. If you wish to receive positivity regularly along with preparation related tips, do join our official Telegram channel HERE

Let us start tomorrow with new energy and hope. See you tomorrow with our first post – Insta Secure – 2021 – at 9 am sharp. 

NOTE: InstaMotivation at 9 pm will be a regular feature where we would like to write small motivational posts with important tips to keep your spirits high. We hope that before going to sleep you will have something positive to think about and then go to sleep with a peace of mind. 

If you are interested in paid version of STHIR-2021, please read its details HERE and subscribe.