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Insta Ethics 70 Days Plan 2020 – Day 46


Day – 46



1.  You are posted as Block Development officer in a backward block. Your primary task is to ensure pension disbursement to all beneficiaries. In order to bring transparency and accountability, government has released a new app where biometrics of beneficiary is captured while disbursing pension. App has failed to function in your area while it is a success in other blocks. The reason for failure is lack of proper network connectivity. Now, higher official orally suggests you to do manual pension distribution so that beneficiaries aren’t put to trouble. What will you do? Please justify your action. (20 Marks, 250 Words)


2. You are a Public Information Officer. An RTI activist is repeatedly asking for details about the vehicle usage of your subordinate who is a very good worker, yet uses his official vehicle for personal purposes. Your subordinate is otherwise very honest. Disclosing any information could lead to some trouble to your subordinate. What will you do? Please substantiate. (20 Marks, 250 Words)

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