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Fight ‘fake news’: BRICS Media Forum

Topics Covered: Cyber security related issues.

Fight ‘fake news’: BRICS Media Forum:


The Fifth BRICS Media Forum was held virtually recently.

  • At the end of the summit, representatives called for the five nations to work together to jointly combat the “virus of disinformation” in the pandemic era.

Concerns associated:

A common thread among members is a growing problem of disinformation or ‘fake news’.

  1. The news media around the world, especially daily newspapers, and also other forms of the media, have taken a big hit during the pandemic.
  2. Disinformation is being “transmitted globally at warp speed on the so-called technology platforms, notably Facebook, Twitter, Google, WhatsApp, and Instagram”.
  3. It was “a major threat not just to the mainstream media but, more importantly, to the lives and well-being of tens of millions of people and the safety and integrity of society as a whole.”

Need of the hour:

The BRICS Media Forum can make a real difference in the fight against motivated and harmful disinformation by:

  • Promoting and strengthening relevant media exchanges, workshops, training of journalists, and interactions with technology companies that are willing to work with us to contain and end the menace.
  • Rigorous fact-checking and investigation by well-trained teams of journalists and the new type of specialised fact-checking organisations can be supplemented by technological solutions, with the deployment of technologies like AI, in the fight against disinformation, especially large-scale online harms.

About BRICS Media Forum:

China’s Xinhua news agency came up with the idea of a BRICS Media Forum in 2015 to promote media cooperation.

The forum aims to:

  • Establish an efficient coordination mechanism among BRICS media.
  • Advance innovation-driven media development.
  • Gather stronger momentum for the development of BRICS countries through exchange and pragmatic cooperation under the mechanism.


Prelims Link:

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  3. Which are the NDB funded projects in India?
  4. Fortaleza declaration is related to?
  5. What is the BRICS Contingent Reserve Arrangement?

Mains Link:

What is the mandate of New Development Bank and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank? Examine whether the coming of NDB and AIIB changes the rules of development financing vis-à-vis the western dominated multilateral financing institutions?

Sources: the Hindu.