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Insta Ethics 70 Days Plan 2020 – Day 36


Day – 36



1.  A retired officer is a subject of a departmental inquiry over one of his actions while he was in service. Everyone at the office, including you, knows that he did not commit any mistake. However, the legal mechanism of departmental inquiry has to be followed before exonerating him and giving him access to his retirement benefits which has been held back by your public company pending the verdict of the inquiry.

However, one day, your colleague with whom you have worked for many decades has seriously fallen ill and the urgent medical treatments for his ailment requires substantial amount of money. His family has made a desperate request to you to release the money since you are the final authority who can release the funds. The departmental inquiry is yet to be completed and you neither have the required amount yourself to help your colleague.

In this context, answer the following questions:

    1. Highlight the ethical challenges for you in this situation
    2. What course of action will you choose in this scenario? Justify your course of action
    3. Can rules, laws and regulations be side-stepped in scenarios like this?


2. You are a bank manager who has been authorized to sanction only one loan. You receive two applications. One is from a rich businesswoman for setting up a factory. Her documentation is perfect and her loan request is backed by adequate collaterals. Another application is from a poor unemployed youth. Though her business idea is promising and documentation perfect, her loan request is not backed by adequate collateral security. Who do you choose for provision for loan? Why? What are the ethical dilemmas that you face in this case?


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