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Insta Ethics 70 Days Plan 2020 – Day 25


Day – 25


Case Study 

1. Fake news is a major hindrance to peace in the society. In an unfortunate turn of events, a report of fake news has created division among two sections in the society. Tensions are high in the region. Some attacks have also taken place on properties belonging to a specific section of the society. There are further fears of retributions that exist among both the sections of the society. The political speeches of some leaders have also had the effect of adding more fuel to the fire. You have been tasked with the responsibility of restoring normalcy in the region.

You have been given the powers to use all the mechanisms available to you under the law to restore the situation to normalcy. Some of the officers, who are assisting you, have advised you to use force to handle the volatile situation. However, you fear that may aggravate the existing division much deeper.

In this context, answer the following questions:

    • Discuss in detail by providing apt reason on how you will handle this situation.
    • Suggest some innovative measures to ensure fake news does not create division in the society


2. Your company has taken many positive steps towards ensuring a safe environment for women working in your company. In a rather unfortunate turn of events, one of your male colleagues has been accused of passing a disparaging comment on women in general. One of your female colleagues has filed a complaint against the male colleague.

You have known this male colleague since a long time. He has been undergoing severe personal stress in his life. A confession of this was also made to you not long ago. The committee which is inquiring into the issue has summoned you to provide your statement on the issue since you were present when the disparaging comment was made.

Your statement is the key to either indict your colleague or vindicate him of all the charges. You very well know that your male colleague did pass the comment but you also realize that his comment was primarily made due to the personal issues in his life. You also fear that your male colleague will undergo much more severe stress if he is fired from this job, if you testify in an honest manner. You also fear that by giving false statement, you will be disrespecting your women colleagues and may very well stand to lose your respect amongst them.

In this context, answer the following questions:

    1. Identify the emotional conflicts for you in this situation.
    2. What are the options available to you in this situation? Examine their pros and cons
    3. How will you use your emotional intelligence to tackle this situation?


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