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EOS-01 India’s latest earth observation satellite

Topics Covered: Awareness in space.

EOS-01, India’s latest earth observation satellite:


EOS-01 launch. This will be ISRO’s first mission since the launch of RISAT-2BR1, on December 11 last year.

(Note:ISRO had also sent communication satellite GSAT-30 in space in January this year, but that was done using an Ariane rocket launched from French Guiana).

What is EOS-01?

It is an earth observation satellite.

EOS-01 is nothing but another Radar Imaging Satellite (RISAT) that will work together with RISAT-2B and RISAT-2BR1 launched last year.

  • Henceforth all the earth observation satellites would be called EOS-series.

What are earth-observation satellites used for?

Land and forest mapping and monitoring, mapping of resources like water or minerals or fishes, weather and climate observations, soil assessment, geospatial contour mapping are all done through earth-observation satellites.

Advantages of radar imaging over optical instruments:

Radar imaging is unaffected by weather, cloud or fog, or the lack of sunlight. It can produce high-quality images in all conditions and at all times.


Prelims Link:

  1. What is radar imaging?
  2. What are earth- observation satellites?
  3. Differences between GSLV and PSLV.
  4. Applications of EOS-01.
  5. Differences between low earth orbit and geostationary orbits.

Mains Link:

Why is Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV)  one of the world’s most reliable space launch vehicles? How is it helping India commercially and technologically?

Sources: Indian Express.