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[ UPDATE ] CORE BATCH 2021 Admissions & Timetable


The recently concluded Core Batch Entrance test has truly shown the enthusiasm in students to gear up for UPSC CSE 2021. We are delighted to take all the selected students on board and make this program fruitful. Selected students have received a confirmation mail. Students are to confirm the admissions within 3rd Nov 2020.

Click Here for CORE BATCH 2021 Timetable


About Core Batch 2021:

Highly rewarding and an intensive answer-writing program , InsightsIAS Core Batch has been instrumental in creating many toppers since CSE-2014, including Rank-1 in CSE-2016 (Nandini K R), Rank-17 in CSE-2018 (Rahul Sankanur) and the latest Rank-5 in CSE-2019 (Jeydev CS).


The famous quote – “If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it.” justifies the impact InsightsIAS Core Batch has on its students.


Ensuring CONSISTENCY is precisely the biggest advantage Core Batch has to offer.


Details of the program:


  1. A Total of 76 Mains Tests will be conducted in 3 Rounds.
  2. First round consists of Sectional tests based on micro-syllabus and concludes by Full length tests ensuring comprehensive coverage of all papers.
  3. Second and Third Round will give you a real exam like feeling enabling students to consolidate and put to test their preparedness.
  4. GS IV and Essay tests (Sectional and Full length) will be a part of every round guaranteeing your mastery over the papers.
  5. Discussion classes will be conducted after every test, in which our expert faculties will discuss the questions asked in the test and facilitate doubt clearance.
  6. Dedicated Mentorship will also be provided who will be responsible for tracking your progress, identify strengths-weaknesses and advise you throughout the journey.




General Studies:


  1. GS I: 11 Sectional & 3 Full Syllabus Tests: Total 205 Mains Questions.
  2. GS II: 8 Sectional & 3 Full Syllabus Tests: Total 165 Mains Questions.
  3. GS III: 8 Sectional & 3 Full Syllabus Tests: Total 175 Mains Questions.
  4. GS IV: 15 Sectional & 5 Full Syllabus Tests: Total 231 Mains Questions.




  1. 15 Sectional Tests & 5 Full Syllabus Test.
  2. Students will go through a cumulative pool of 104 Essay Topics and are required to answer an overall 40 Essay topics.
  3. Essay topics will be in semblance with the GS test paper of that round.


Core Batch is not only about Mains. It also trains you for Prelims exam in a unique way by integrating your learning with MAINS concepts and Prelims facts. By the end of the program you would have solved 2700 high quality MCQs. Free Subscription to our Subject-wise and Text-book based Prelims Test Series is also given for extra practice.


Apart from all this, free access to Prelims Booster classes is also provided for Prelims 2021.


NOTE: Portal access will be given to all students and online facility will be provided until there is clarity on Offline permissions from the Government.


Useful Links:


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  3. INSIGHTSIAS Telegram channel: