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Govt. green-lights ‘green’ firecrackers this year

Topics Covered: Pollution related issues.

Govt. green-lights ‘green’ firecrackers this year:


The Delhi government scheduled to launch an anti-firecracker campaign on November 3.

  • Now, only ‘green’ firecrackers can be manufactured, sold and used in the national capital.


A ban on fireworks was imposed in 2018 and in 2019 only ‘green’ crackers were allowed, but the permission had come too late for manufacturers to ensure their availability on time.

What are Green Crackers?

They are known as ‘green’ firecrackers because they have a chemical formulation that produces water molecules, which substantially reduces emission levels and absorbs dust.

  • They are the crackers with reduced emission and decibel level.

Benefits of Green Crackers:

  • They promise a reduction in particulate matters and harmful gases, like nitrous oxide and sulfur oxide, by 30- 35 per cent.
  • They will be 25-30 per cent cheaper to manufacture and manufacturers would not have to make any changes in their facilities.

What gives colour to the firecrackers?

Red: Strontium salts (Nitrates, carbonates and sulphates of strontium).

Orange: Calcium salts (Carbonates, chlorides and sulphates of calcium).

Yellow: Sodium salts (Nitrates and oxalates of sodium).

Green: Barium salts (Nitrates, carbonates, chlorides and chlorates of barium).

Blue: Copper salts (Carbonates and oxides of copper).

Purple: A combination of copper and strontium compounds.

White: The burning of metals like magnesium, aluminium and titanium).


Prelims Link:

  1. What are Green Crackers?
  2. Main products used in their manufacturing.
  3. What gives colour to the firecrackers?

Mains Link:

What are Green Crackers? Discuss their significance.

Sources: the Hindu.