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Why US President poll matters to India?

Topics Covered: Effect of policies and politics of developed and developing countries on India’s interests, Indian diaspora.

Why US President poll matters to India?


US Presidential election.

Why it matters to India?

  • The relationship with the United States of America matters to India more than any other bilateral engagement: economically, strategically and socially.
  • American Presidents can often make a real difference to bilateral ties, including on trade, on immigration policies, and larger strategic issues.
  • The Indian diaspora in the US is one of the most successful expatriate communities, and while their political preferences may differ — they all favour a closer bonding between their janmabhoomi and their karmabhoomi.

What lies ahead? Will the outcome of the election impact India’s ties with China?

India’s first serious departure from its Non Aligned posture, the 1971 Indo-Soviet treaty, was a response to the continuing US tilt towards Pakistan and the beginnings of a Washington-Beijing entente.

Now, in 2020, it is the frightening prospect of a powerful, belligerent and hegemonic China that has helped New Delhi build its relationship with Washington.

Clearly, both Joe Biden and Donald Trump recognise the grave threat from China, but their response may be different:

  1. Trump 2.0 may be willing to even more aggressively counter China.
  2. Biden is likely to follow a policy of “Congagement”: containment with engagement.

Historical ties between India and various US Presidents:

Republican regimes are often associated with the surgical pursuit of American interests.

But, we have had Presidents, across the partisan divide, who have engaged India with passion and vigour.

The two Presidents often viewed as being the most affectionate towards India since World War II: John F Kennedy, in the 1960s, and George W Bush, in the 2000s.

  • Both reached out to India and engaged New Delhi with uncharacteristic zeal, in two very different times, but on both occasions the China threat acted as a catalyst to ensure that the bonding extended beyond just personal chemistry.



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  1. Direct vs Indirect democracy.
  2. Parliamentary vs Presidential systems.
  3. What is a limited government?

Mains Link:

Will the outcome of the US election impact India’s ties with China? Discuss.

Sources: Indian Express.