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Insta Ethics 70 Days Plan 2020 – Day 9


Day – 9



You have built a career for yourself by not only working hard but also on a strong ethical system. Your rapport with both your seniors as well as juniors in your private enterprise has been appreciated. You have supported your juniors when they needed your assistance and provided your views in an objective manner to your seniors when they called for your opinion.


The private company in which you are working has been doing considerably well in terms of business. However, due to the pandemic situation, your company has suffered huge losses and the board has approved for cost cuts across the organization. Though the board approved the cost cuts; it has delegated the responsibility of creating a roadmap to one of your seniors. This senior though talented and hard working does not enjoy the rapport with the office colleagues like you do. Also, the senior is respected less because he is considered too proud of himself. He has come up with a plan to cut costs by laying-off some of the employees across many departments of the organization. The job losses would render many employees financially vulnerable during these tough times.


The employees approach you to talk to your senior on their behalf and convince him about not laying off people. Though you understand the request made by the employees to you; you are not sure whether it is right to approach your senior and provide your suggestion on the matter when not asked for it explicitly. However, your personal consciousness would also not be at peace if you did not approach and request him. You also realize if you approach your senior and he does not appreciate it; it may cause problems to your career.


In this context, answer the given questions

  1. Identify the ethical issues involved for you in the present case.
  2. What are the options available to you in the present case? Analyze each of their pros and cons
  3. What course of action will you take based on the options available to you? Justify the reason behind it
  4. Discuss what roadmap you would prepare if the cost cutting responsibility was entrusted to you.


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