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[NEW INITIATIVE] Insta-DART(Daily Aptitude and Reasoning Test): To Help YOU Ace CSAT in 2021

Now it is very evident that it is CSAT and not the Paper-1 in civil services preliminary exam that is meant to eliminate candidates in the first stage. UPSC is making CSAT tougher thereby putting many students(you know who) at great disadvantage.  This year, in CSP-2020, many candidates who were expecting 100+ in Paper-1 have failed in CSAT paper. The number of candidates who have failed in CSAT will be significantly high in CSP-2020.  

This number includes graduates from IITs, NITs, top Law and Medical colleges too. Imagine the situation of candidates coming from rural backgrounds, regional medium or graduates from government mismanaged arts and science colleges. This trend indicates that one must not ignore CSAT paper irrespective of one’s academic background or their previous track record in clearing other aptitude based tests.  Candidates who used to score 140+ in previous year CSAT papers are now failing this year. 

The only way you can crack this paper is by practicing similar questions on a regular basis and improving your speed of solving these questions – so that you can comfortably solve 60+ questions in 2 hours. Regular practice should help one overcome fear of CSAT paper too. Fear is the major factor which affects one’s performance in this paper very adversely. 

Realising that we too have ignored this paper for so long, henceforth from coming Monday (October 26, 2020), every week we will be posting daily 5 CSAT questions between Monday to Saturday.

Initially we will post questions from previous year papers. Once we exhaust them, we will post our own questions to give rigorous practice. From February-2021 onwards we will increase these questions to 10. And then from April-2021 onwards, we will post 15 questions on daily basis. 

If you have good repository of CSAT questions with solutions, please share it with us at : and

We will post best questions from your contribution and if we get good number of questions, we will post 10 questions from December itself. 

We are naming this initiative as InstaDART Daily Aptitude and Reasoning Test.  We hope you will be able to use DART to hit bull’s eye in CSAT paper and comfortably score 100+ even in the most difficult question paper that UPSC can give you in CSP-2021. Your peace of mind after every step of this exam is very important for us. 

Looking forward to your enthusiastic participation (both in sending us questions and solving them on daily basis on this portal). Wish you all the best!