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Details of CORE BATCH Entrance Test scheduled for tomorrow


Dear All,

UPSC Prelims Result has yet again made it clear that to sail through this exam smoothly, to get a good rank, there is no shortcut. Reduction in number of posts and increasing competition has left no choice for an aspirant but putting in consistent and rigorous efforts and believing in oneself. Your Perseverance and determination matters the most. And your hard work must be structured and directed towards making you feel confident in all the aspects of this exam.  This will happen with a mechanism of constant practice, feedback, individual guidance and moral support.

We have always reiterated the importance of practicing and revision and that stays intact even now. You SHOULD practice more. You need to push beyond your comfort zone. Be realistic in results for efforts you put in. Also, you must seek improvements in an incremental manner to see substantial improvement over the period of few months.

If you are a General Merit (GM) candidate, you should be in top 75 to get IAS. The competition is getting tougher. Only the toughest can last in this competition. In order to be tough, you need a training that prepares you to face any challenge or uncertainty that UPSC throws at you.

Core Batch is one such program which prepares you for the most unpredictable exam. There is no looking back, once you have made your decision to serve the society and embarked upon this journey. Be it ‘Kingda Ka’ or ‘Formula Rossa’, you have to face the challenge and enjoy the process.

We are proud to announce our highly rewarding and intensive answer-writing cum mentorship program – Core Batch 2021 exclusively for its Offline students in Bangalore and Delhi. ( CORE BATCH is only Offline Program)

Students will be admitted only through the Entrance test

Entrance test will be in the Online Mode Only

To Read more about CORE BATCH 2021 Click Here

Those who have still not registered yet can CLICK HERE to REGISTER

(Registration is compulsory and registration will close by tonight 8:30pm)

** Those who have registered for the Entrance test will get the test link along with Login credentials by 7am tomorrow


Details of Entrance Test:

Entrance test will be conducted in 2 rounds ( MODE : ONLINE only)

Round 1 :  Prelims ( 100 MCQs) – 1 hour

Date: 25th October 2020, Sunday

Time : 11am to 12noon

Results will be announced by 5pm on the same day

NOTE: Top 300 will proceed to Round 2

(150 will be from Bangalore Centre and 150 from Delhi Centre)

Round 2 : Mains ( 1 Essay + 1 Question from GS1, GS2, GS3 & GS4 each)

Date: 26th October 2020, Monday

Time : 11am to 1pm

Results will be announced on 27th October 2020, Tuesday

Top 100 Students will be selected for Core Batch 2021

(50 from Bangalore Centre and 50 from Delhi Centre)


We will maintain a reserve list of 100 Students. If Selected 100 Students do not confirm their admissions within 2nd November 2020, Students from Reserve list will be given a chance based on first-come-first-serve basis


NOTE : Tentatively CORE BATCH 2021 will start from 5th Nov 2020 in Bangalore. The commencement of Core Batch 2021 in Delhi will be announced soon



Total Fee: Rs.85,000/-  inclusive of GST

Old Subscriber Discount: 20%

NOTE: Students who have qualified for the Interview Stage in 2019 will be eligible for direct admission (without entrance test) with a special discount of 25%.


**Detailed timetable will be released shortly

For any queries contact,

7483163074 / 9380863034