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[Announcement ] Launching of new initiative :


Dear Aspirants,

In a lay person’s terms, UPSC is regarded as the toughest Exam of the World/India. To some extent it is true. Because Syllabus is loosely defined, no specific Syllabus, and importantly, the uncertainty of Question paper trends. Along with many other factors, this exam shatters the hearts of lakhs of aspirants every year. Despite Hardwork, Perseverance and Dedication many serious aspirants fail at various stages consistently. Sometimes, it appears that success is only limited to a certain type of people. But that is a Myth.

Over the years, we have realised that a positive and constructive environment is important to make your 99% of hardwork works for the Success in this exam. Be it AIR#001 in CSE2016 or AIR#005 in CSE2019. We helped/ inspired them to come out of the baggage of their previous failures, to start the journey afresh and to achieve the glory of success in a shortest time.

Success Sutra at Insights is simple: 99% Perspiration and 1% Inspiration. Sincere and Genuine mentorship helps the aspirants to sail this journey smoothly. Each of our initiatives focuses more on building supportive and positive vibes among the students. Be it is Insta Rev Plan or Daily CA or our courses like Insta Classes or IPM or any initiative, our Team always try to provide Cutting edge Technical resources, error-free materials, Knowledge support and mainly, customised & individual guidance based on empathy and kindness.

On this line, we are proud to announce another initiative to empower the aspirants to build a positive Virtual Peer group. will be a platform, where aspirants can create the Threads and discuss the Topics related to GS subjects, Optionals, Prelims, Mains or any issues relevant to the UPSC Preparation. This forum will be like “by the aspirants, for the aspirants, and to the aspirants”. Here, we expect serious aspirants will help this community by providing quality inputs, resolution of queries and spreading positive Vibes. Also, we will try to bring resource persons onboard to this platform to clear any of your doubts.

We feel Content and Happy even if our initiatives helps a single person, who is sitting at the remote part of the India, who cannot afford coaching fees, or who wants to do self-study. Because, Like Anu Kumari, CSE-2017, we don’t know from which part of India, from what difficult situation an Aspirant will arise in the next CSE Result. UPSC is providing equal and fair chance to every serious aspirant to get a rank. Hence, we will try our best to provide the possible benefits, positive vibes and collective energy of our offline coaching to you for free here. We believe when you Succeed we will also Succeed. From now on, The only limitation to your Success is You only. Try to challenge yourself everyday to climb one step higher with the available resources and supportive peer group in this forum.

A word of Caution: never indulge in wasting time by discussing stuff which are not related to your focussed preparation. And kindly follow the “Rules to follow in the forum” as mentioned on the platform.

May this UPSC preparation be THE best phase of your Life. May you do the Maximum possible Hardwork and succeed not just in this exam, but also in the Life. Hope you utilise this platform for the best of your Success.