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Tree Transplantation Policy

Topics: Conservation related issues.

Tree Transplantation Policy:


Delhi Cabinet has given its nod for ‘Tree Transplantation Policy’. With this, Delhi has become the first State in India to pass this policy.

Highlights of the policy:

  • Agencies concerned will have to transplant 80 per cent of the trees affected by their projects to a new location.
  • More importantly, 10 saplings will be planted in addition to the whole tree being dug up with the root intact and scientifically transplanted at another location instead of being felled.
  • A dedicated panel of government agencies with track record and experience of tree transplantation is being formed under the policy.
  • Payments for transplantation will be made after one year to ensure this, and if less than 80 per cent of the transplanted trees survive, payment will be deducted.
  • The government will also form local committees, which will include citizens, for checking, monitoring and certification of the tree transplantation exercise.
  • A dedicated Tree Transplantation Cell will also be formed by the Delhi government and local committees, which will include government officials, citizens to monitor the transplanted trees and to certify that the task has been done with due diligence.


Sources: the Hindu.