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[MOTIVATION] You are Capable of Overcoming Any Challenge – Tomorrow You can be the Winner

In these uncertain times when being alive itself is a miracle, being ambitious and trying to achieve your goal is an extraordinary feat. The best revenge you can take for the way the year 2020 has treated you so far is to do well tomorrow no matter how tough the exam is going to be. You have seen the worst throughout the year. But what should stay in your memory for the rest of your lives is the way you stood strong and overcame all odds to crack this exam finally. Someday we will beat the coronavirus. But beating inner fear is a constant battle. Tomorrow is the day when you should finally beat the ‘whatever’ out of that fear you carry within you and make this year memorable for good reasons.

We seldom realise how powerful our mind is. One of the reasons why we don’t realise this power is because the mind has settled and is satisfied with whatever we possess today. Instead of allowing our mind to welcome challenges we condition it to avoid them. You should allow your mind to expect the most unexpected outcomes and prepare it to face any challenges without the worry of outcomes.

Tonight some of you might lose sleep over the thoughts of – getting very difficult paper tomorrow; not being able to revise everything you had planned; not feeling sufficiently prepared to face exam tomorrow; failing again because you had failed previously; competition being tough because everyone got more time to prepare due to lockdowns; low marks in mocks; wasted weeks or months due to covid uncertainty; victims of rumours of exam postponement or cancellation etc. 

These negative thoughts enter your mind and linger there because you allow them to. Once these thoughts have settled, they will roil your peace. But you can make peace with these thoughts, so that tomorrow there can be absolute calmness when you take the exam. And it’s calmness that will ultimately help you conquer your fears and the exam too.

Starting now, stop thinking about the past of the future. Start ignoring one thought after another thought. Treat them as useless burdens that need no attention at all. Your mind should move towards emptiness and become more aware of the present moment. Once you are more aware of the present, you will start feeling light and appreciate the fact that you are alive and full of energy. When you stop thinking about anything that has happened to you or might happen to you, you are liberated. Try this tomorrow during the exam. Think only about the question you are solving. And right now don’t think about tomorrow. Once you start appreciating the importance of focusing on the present moment, you will not only get good sleep, but will also feel powerful enough to face any challenges that might come your way. 

One thing that might hold you back from not thinking about the past of the future is your attachment with the past failures and future outcomes. You are so attached to them that they are tearing you apart. Just detach from these past experiences and future expectations. To feel the power within to face the toughest challenges, you should be fearless. And this fearlessness will come only when you are not attached to anything or anyone. Tomorrow whatever be the nature of the paper, keep calm and just face it. You will feel, surprisingly, that the paper is easy and is not as difficult as you had feared. 

It’s not like you are going to take this exam without preparing for it. Yes, preparation might not be as expected as you wanted it to be. Doesn’t matter. Even when you are unprepared, let your mind unleash its power. Let it try its best. Every ounce of knowledge and experience you have accumulated since childhood might come to your rescue – only if you allow it to by remaining completely relaxed. As you know very well this exam has more to do with your common sense than knowledge alone. Let common sense prevail and allow your mind to do the job by thinking clearly and optimally to solve the questions in the exam. 

Anxiety, if you look at it closely, is a stupid thing. You are worrying about things that haven’t taken place yet. If you can just think clearly for a moment you will realise that all your fears are imaginary and are invented by your mind. All it takes is to realise that these imaginary thoughts are harming your more than benefiting you. Stay away from all the thoughts by making peace with them. Below this upper layer of anxiety lies that strong layer of confidence which is very much part of your mind. Wake it up and keep it alive. 

To overcome anxiety, start enjoying what you are doing right now, and what you are going to do tomorrow. Enjoy going to the centre tomorrow. Enjoy waiting for the test paper to come to your hand. Don’t get irritated by anything. Put a constant smile on your face and face things one by one with peace and harmony. Solve the paper with the only intention of giving your best and fullest in that moment. Don’t expect anything out of it. Trust your preparation and your ability. Do your job. And just walk out of the exam hall with a big smile and head for a long walk (this is after the CSAT paper, don’t walk long distance after Paper-1 and miss Paper-2)

From our side Team Insights has done whatever little we could do to help you stay focused on exam preparation. All we hope is that you will sleep well now and do well in your paper tomorrow. We want you to stay happy and peaceful. Life has so much to offer you. Just do your part towards this exam without any attachment and expectations. You will be surprised that you will succeed without much hiccups.

The calmest human is the most powerful person on earth. No storm can harm them. Stay calm and let your mind unleash its power. 

Wish you all the best. 🙂