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[ UPDATE ] Registration for STEP-UP Series- All India Free Open Mock Tests for UPSC Prelims 2020 and Discussion Thread for Open Mock Test 6

Dear Insightians,


Test 6 of Step – UP Series has been opened today. 

Students who are yet to register for STEP-UP Series 2020 can REGISTER HERE  and take the test.

Please note that tests are flexible. You can take the tests till the day before the actual prelims exam and at any time of the day after its scheduled date and time. So, those who have not attempted the previous tests yet, can take the tests anytime.

This is a discussion thread for Test 6 of STEP UP Series 2020.  You can discuss the questions, ask doubts and generic queries . Mentor from INSIGHTSIAS team will be available from 6pm to 7pm  on 30th September 2020 to answer your doubts.

(If you have faced any issue while taking the test and if you could not complete the Test, please send a mail to


For Registrations/ Test CLICK HERE 

(You need to give the tests using the same link after the tests are open )