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Economic Empowerment of women does not necessarily translate into their Social Empowerment in our country, critically examine.

Topic : Role of women and women’s organization, population and associated issues, poverty and developmental issues, urbanization, their problems and their remedies. Social empowerment.

1. Economic Empowerment of women does not necessarily translate into their Social Empowerment in our country, critically examine. (250 words)


Why the question:

The question is premised on the topic of women empowerment and associated issues from GS paper I.

Key Demand of the question:

Discuss in detail the gaps that visibly encountered in India quite often while realizing the goal of social empowerment of a woman through economic empowerment.


Critically examine – When asked to ‘Examine’, we have to look into the topic (content words) in detail, inspect it, investigate it and establish the key facts and issues related to the topic in question. While doing so we should explain why these facts and issues are important and their implications. When ‘critically’ is suffixed or prefixed to a directive, one needs to look at the good and bad of the topic and give a fair judgment.

Structure of the answer:


With key statistics present the position of women in the country.


In the answer body define the two terms; economic empowerment and social empowerment and differentiate the two while also suggesting the interlinkages.

The term “empowerment of women” refers to the process of providing power to women to stand up against the control of the others and help them to leader a prosperous and a successful life. Historically, women have been regarded as constituting a weaker section in the society.

Explain that Women Economic Empowerment is very important for a country’s development right from the smallest unit of the community which is the family. Having empowered women in a country means great reduction in dependence rates, increased household income leading to increased household purchasing power resulting into an improved standard of living adding on the taxes that the government in each country collects which is then invested back into better services to the tax payers women inclusive. This further leads to independent decision making regarding career, job selection, education, health, investment and rights.  It is therefore inevitable that empowering women economically will no doubt lead to the country’s development.

Then move onto explain the gaps in translating this economic empowerment into social empowerment.

Discuss the key issues and suggest solutions to address the same.


Conclude with way forward.