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Cultural heritage of Hyderabad

Topics Covered: Indian culture will cover the salient aspects of Art Forms, Literature and Architecture from ancient to modern times.

Cultural heritage of Hyderabad:


Ministry of Tourism recently organised the 50th webinar titled “Cultural heritage of Hyderabad”under DekhoApnaDesh  series.

What is DekhoApnaDesh series?

The Ministry of Tourism is organizing the DekhoApnaDesh webinars with an objective to create awareness about and promote various tourism destinations of India – including the lesser known destinations and lesser known facets of popular destinations.

  • It also promotes spirit of Ek Bharat Sreshtha Bharat.

Note: Some important facts were mentioned in this PIB article. The facts mentioned are important for your Prelims as well as Mains.

Key facts:

  • Hyderabad is popularly known as the “City of Pearls” and the “City of Nizams”, and has been the centre of a vibrant historical legacy, ever since its inception by the QutubShahi dynasty.
  • Muhammad QuliQutb Shahestablished Hyderabad in 1591 to extend the capital beyond the fortified Golconda.
  • In 1687, the city was annexedby the Mughals. In 1724, Mughal governor NizamAsaf Jah I declared his sovereignty and founded the AsafJahi dynasty, also known as the Nizams.
  • Hyderabad served as the imperial capital of the AsafJahis from 1769 to 1948.

Important cultural sites of Hyderabad highlighted in the session:

  1. Golconda Fort, Hyderabad: Built by the Kakatiya dynastyin the 13th century.
  2. Chowmahalla Palace: Once the seat of the AsafJahi Dynasty. It has bagged the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Merit Award for Culture Heritage Conservation.
  3. Charminar: The monument was erected when QuliQutab Shah shifted his capital from Golcondo to Hyderabad.
  4. Mecca Masjid: Completed by Aurangazeb in 1693.The bricks used here are believed to be from Mecca, and hence the name.
  5. Warangal Fort: This fort appears to have existed since at least the 12th century when it was the capital of the Kakatiya dynasty.


Prelims Link:

  1. DekhoApnaDesh series is organised by?
  2. About Ek Bharat Sreshtha Bharat scheme.
  3. Which city is popularly known as the “City of Pearls”.
  4. Who founded the city of Hyderabad?
  5. All dynasties who ruled Hyderabad.
  6. Who built Chowmahalla Palace?
  7. Who built Charminar?
  8. About the Kakatiya dynasty.

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