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Ashok Gehlot-led govt wins trust vote in Rajasthan

Topics Covered: Indian Constitution- historical underpinnings, evolution, features, amendments, significant provisions and basic structure.

Ashok Gehlot-led govt wins trust vote in Rajasthan:


The Congress government in Rajasthan led by chief minister Ashok Gehlot has ended the month-long uncertainty in the state by winning the trust vote in the assembly.


The development brings an end to the rebellion by former deputy chief minister Sachin Pilot and 18 other MLAs that had threatened the survival of the state government.

 Trust vote:

A confidence motion, or a vote of confidence, or a trust vote, is sought by the government in power on the floor of the House.

  • It enables the elected representatives to determine if the Council of Ministers commanded the confidence of the House.

 Floor test:

Floor test is a term used for the test of the majority.

  • If there are doubts against the chief minister, the governor can ask him to prove his majority in the House.
  • In case of a coalition government, the chief minister may be asked to move a vote of confidence and win a majority.

What happens in the absence of majority?

In the absence of a clear majority, when there is more than one individual staking claim to form the government, the governor may call for a special session to see who has the majority to form the government.

Some legislators may be absent or choose not to vote. The numbers are then considered based only on those MLAs who were present to vote.

What is No- confidence motion?

A no-confidence motion, or vote of no-confidence, or a no-trust vote, can be sought by any House member to express that they no longer have confidence in the government.

Constitutional provisions:

According to Article 75 (3) and Article 164 of the Constitution, the Council of Ministers are collectively responsible to the House of the People.

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  1. Floor test vs Composite floor test.
  2. Majority required to form the govt.
  3. Voting during floor test.
  4. Appointment of Chief Minister when there is clear majority vs Hung assembly.
  5. Can speaker cast his vote?

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Ambiguity in the law on conducting floor tests often lead to abuses and misuses. Comment.

Sources: the Hindu.