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[NEW BOOKS for MAINS] UPSC Mains Question Banks from InsightsIAS and McGraw Hill Publications

UPDATE: GS-4 is sold out and will be in stock soon. Buy remaining books before they sell out. McGraw Hill has printed limited copies owing to Covid situation.

We are happy to inform you that our team has come up with 4 new books  – Master the Mains series- exclusively for UPSC civil services MAINS preparation. These are published by McGraw Hill Education(India). These are the Question Banks with model answers to important questions sourced from Insights Secure initiative including previous year UPSC Mains questions.  

Keeping in  mind the changing trend of UPSC Mains, we have selected best questions from past years’ Secure questions and come up with model answers. These will help you prepare better both for mock mains tests as well as real UPSC Mains exam. 

Today these books have been launched exclusively on Amazon. You can buy them from the following Link. 


We sincerely hope that these books will add immense value to your Mains preparation and help enrich your GS answers.