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Scientists from the Institute of Nano Science and Technology (INST) have developed an equipment-free fluoride ion detection and quantification in drinking water with the naked-eye. It can be operated by non-experts for household use to evade Fluorosis-based disorders.

How it works?

The technology involves a push-pull chromophore based on 2,3-disubstituted 1,1,4,4-tetracyano-1,3-butadienes (TCBDs) that changes color upon exposure to fluoride ion.


What is fluorosis?

Fluorosis is a crippling disease resulting from deposition of fluorides in the hard and soft tissues of body due to excess intake of fluoride through drinking water/food products/industrial pollutants over a long period.

It results in dental fluorosis, skeletal fluorosis, and non-skeletal fluorosis.

According to WHO, the fluoride concentration in drinking water should not exceed 1.5mg/l.


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