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[VIDEO] InstaDaily Current Affairs and News Analysis (The Hindu) and Answer Writing Guidance (I-CAN) July 17-19, 2020


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Topics covered today:

  1. Quote of the day: On Positive attitude
  2. India-Iran- China Relations: Impact on India
  3. Multilateralism- Reforms in International Institutions: Statement by Prime Minister.
  4. Flood Disaster management: Assam Floods; Irregularities in Cyclone Amphan relief; Issues in Disaster Management
  5. Issues related to Women: Sample Registration System’s DATA on MMR
  6. Communal Riots: Findings of Delhi Minority Commission; Role Of police
  7. Migrants Workers & Electoral Reforms: Reasons for re-enfranchising migrant workers
  8. Role of NHRC and Dalit Issue: Example of GUNA Incident
  9. Brain Drain Issue: Brain Drain TAX & Brain BANK
  • Question of the day “Discuss the issues in flood management in India” (10 marks, 150 words)


Link of newspaper articles covered in today’s video: –

The Hindu



The Indian Express Articles:



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