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[ UPDATE ] Rescheduling of INSTA COURSES – Prelims, IPM and Mains Test Series 2021


Hello Students,

Hope you all are well and keeping safe.

This post is to announce the rescheduling of dates in the timetables of our latest courses – Prelims, IPM  and Mains Test Series 2021. The inordinate delay in announcement of UPSC CSE calendar of examinations led to the early launch of our courses. We wanted to put an end to the uncertainty students were facing by giving them a course to follow and get their preparation back on track. Now, that Prelims and Mains 2020 dates are out, we feel it is necessary to align the timetables in accordance with UPSC dates.

Considering, an expected date of Prelims 2021, it is of paramount importance that students stay up-to-date with Current Affairs and continue attempting tests up till the exam date with a focused mind. We have also accommodated sufficient time gap for days leading up to Prelims 2020 in order to help students not miss any test due to exam stress and also take a much-deserved break after Prelims and return to their preparation with renewed vigour.

(Further, considering the risky COVID situation around presently, we expect to operate in offline mode only by August.)

Updated timetables are available on your InstaCourses Portal.

Continue your preparation with more intensity and focus and revise sufficiently.  Stay safe, healthy and energetic.

Happy studies 🙂



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