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[RESULTS] InsightsIAS InstaClasses-2021 Scholarship Test Results

Following is the final result of Scholarship Test that we conducted as part of our quest to choose serious and deserving candidates to our much awaited InstaClasses-2021 (erstwhile OGP) – Online and Offline Classes.

The exam was tough and was designed to prevent anyone from cheating. Our entire team worked hard to ensure that the paper was on par with UPSC standards and gave aspirants the feel of actual exam.

You can read reviews of this scholarship test HERE.

Download the Final Results of Scholarship Test HERE


  1. As there was no scope for cheating we could eliminate only two students from top 25 (who had finished test within 30 minutes). Rest all were carefully scrutinised and finalised after going through Time Stamps for each question (Minutes spent on each question).
  2. We have a reserve list of 190 candidates, who will be offered scholarship if someone in Top 100 is not interested in joining the InstaClasses-2021. 
  3. We will communicate with all the selected students within next two days and finalise the admission process.
  4. Those who couldn’t secure rank in top 100(and female aspirants in top 200) will get an early bird offer of 25% discount. 
  5. The fee details, timetable and brochure will be posted within next 30 minutes.

We are happy that you are going to be part of InsightsIAS community.

For any doubts, mail us at

Thank you