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[ADMISSIONS OPEN] InstaClasses – 2021: Full-fledged Integrated Prelims-Mains-Interview Classroom Teaching, Guidance and Mentorship Program

NOTE: If you were waiting to join OGP, InstaClasses is an advanced and improvised program that’s in tune with changing demands of the UPSC – that integrates all aspects of UPSC Preparation. Hence we are not using OGP anywhere. 

insightsIAS instaclasses 2021Finally, admissions are open for much awaited InstaClasses – 2021 (both Offline and Online). It’s a full fledged Integrated classroom cum mentorship cum guidance program which will cover every aspect of (i.e. Prelims, mains and Interview) UPSC civil services exam – 2021 preparation. 

We have already written in previous posts about DETAILS of InstaClasses – 2021 (Please Click Here)Please read this post carefully to understand the nature and format of the program. 

This is not another ‘coaching class‘ . We prefer to call it a Training Program where we push you and train hard through intensive writing and tests regime to help you become toppers. We will keep pushing you till the end through high quality classes, guidance and mentorship. We  believe that everyone has the potential to become a topper.  We will deliver from our end. What is required is your active participation and smartness in utilising the program to your advantage.

Fortunately, only very serious students opt to become part of InsightsIAS programs. This is the reason why both our online and offline platforms continue to remain positive  entities sharing positive thoughts and true competitive spirit amongst aspirants. Coupled with active participation and involvement of InsightsIAS faculty and mentors, who themselves are very positive people always willing to help and encourage any serious aspirant to reach her goal. 

As part of the quest for searching serious aspirants from the program, we successfully conducted a scholarship test yesterday(Check the results Here). The quality of the question paper was such that, as acknowledged by students themselves, it was on par with the UPSC paper and also eliminated any chance of cheating even with the help of Google or any standard texts. 

Top 200 will get various discounts. These will be processed and finalised in 2-3 days.

For those who didn’t make it to the top 200, don’t lose heart. You are also given a 25% discount as part of an early bird offer.

Considering the Covid situation all around we have reduced the fee of Offline classroom program from Rs 1,25,000/- to  Rs 82,000 + Taxes. Over this you will get an offer of 25% early bird discount. 

The Fees of Online class, which will have all the features of the offline program too, is  Rs 72,000 + Taxes. Here also an early bird offer of 25% is available. If you notice, we are not keeping exorbitant fees and then offering discounts. It’s a genuine concern which we have towards the aspirant community which is going through hardship nowadays. 

Compared to all Offline and Online programs out there, we can confidently say that ours is the most comprehensive program covering all aspects of preparation (including constant care and stress on mental and physical well being of our students) that is offered at the most affordable cost to you. 

This program consists of daily tests, daily lectures, weekly tests(Prelims), fortnightly tests(Mains), Essay, Ethics classes, Answer writing classes, CSAT classes, Mentorship, Individual Guidance, free access to other prelims tests etc.  In these times when students are paying nearly 2 lakhs just for the classes, InsightsIAS InstaClasses-2021 program is one of its kind with affordable price for everyone.

For next one year, you will have to worry only about how you can improve from day to day using  our classes and other features of the InstaClasses-2021 program. If you are wise and able to make use of all our features, no one can stop you from becoming topper in CSE-2021.

We look forward to engage with you intensely to help you fulfil your dream of getting into civil services

Download the Brochure

InsightsIAS InstaClasses Brochure – 2021

The Timetable of InstaClasses-2021 is very carefully designed and it will be your blueprint for next 12-15 months to reach your goal. Please go through the timetable carefully and when you join the InstaClasses-2021, stick to this blueprint. You will be definitely rewarded. 

Download the Timetable

InsightsIAS InstaClasses Offline and Online Timetable




For any Doubts, Contact: 

Best wishes

Team InsightsIAS