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[Registration for Scholarship Test Closes at 10am Tomorrow, 25th June 2020] + Details of Scholarship Test for InstaClasses 2021


Dear Students,

As already announced, INSIGHTSIAS is conducting the Scholarship test for InstaClasses 2021 again on 25th June 2020, Thursday to ensure fair treatment and equal opportunity to all worthy candidates.


If you haven’t registered yet, Register HERE (  In case of any doubt, try logging onto and confirm your registration beforehand.

(We have re-opened registrations as a lot of students requested for the same. However, timings of registrations will close at 10am tomorrow(25th June 2020))


Top 25 students will be rewarded with InstaClasses 2021 – Full-fledged course for Prelims, Mains and Interview absolutely free of cost. Exciting discounts are offered to Ranks between 26 and 100. Women will also avail special benefits under #InsightsForWomenEmpowerment.


Scholarship Test Details

Date: 25th June 2020; Thursday

Timing: 7pm to 9pm*

Mode: Online Only

Medium: English

Type: Multiple Choice Questions

Duration: 2 hours

Total no. of Questions: 100 Questions

Marks per Question: 2 Marks

Negative Marking: 0.67 Marks


*Keeping in mind the requests made by working professionals, we have kept the timing as 7pm to 9pm.


Students are requested to log in to ahead of time and start the test sharp at 7pm.


Following are important Rules and Regulations to be adhered for InstaClasses Scholarship test 2021–

  • Candidates are advised to take up the Online Scholarship test for the INSTA CLASSES in a laptop or PC only for better User Interface. (However, test can also be taken on Tablets and Mobile Phones)
  • Candidates are solely responsible for ensuring stable network connectivity from their end. So, ensure that you have good internet connectivity for 2 hours.
  • In case, the connectivity is lost, test can be resumed.
  • Our expert team will have a benchmark score beyond which it’s extremely difficult for anyone to score extra marks barring a few exceptional aspirants. (Background check of such students will be made. Candidate’s right to avail scholarship will be curtailed if found to have used an impersonator.)
  • The Test needs to be taken up promptly within 2hrs from the time of beginning of their test session. Our Test algorithms are designed to detect any fraudulent activities such as parallel browsing, Time lapse etc, and the candidate will be disqualified without any further notice.
  • Scholarship for the INSTA CLASSES is decided solely on the basis of merit in the test and any sort of inabilities, shortcomings and recommendations will not be taken into consideration.
  • INSIGHTSIAS reserves all rights in the selection process of the candidates. Its decisions are final and cannot be contested.


We have observed that students have resorted to cheating and plagiarism in the previous test. Any deliberate deceit noted, will nullify the result of the student irrespective of scores.

Questions are framed in such a way that a level-playing field  is maintained and cheating is discouraged.

Team Insights trusts and expects its students to respect the boundaries of academic integrity. We believe the true test of ‘Ethics’ starts here.

Spread the word. The most deserving must certainly not miss this golden opportunity.


All the best!