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Have you taken the 21-Days Meditation Challenge?



Have you taken the 21-Day Meditation Challenge by InsightsIAS? If not, do it today!

2020 has so far been a roller-coaster ride for all of us. COVID-19 Pandemic in all its might and fury has cast its shadow of uncertainty on all without any discrimination. Other perturbing issues like CHINA’s incursion, sacrifices of our Heroes – Soldiers, demise of famous personalities and sensationalism surrounding these deaths have created an environment of gloom where it’s difficult to focus on one’s goals.


TEAM INSIGHTS own the social responsibility of ensuring your holistic well-being.  We want you to focus 100% on studies, improve your emotional intelligence and mental health.

Academically, we engage students through various free initiatives on our website, so that aspirants sitting in the remotest corner of the country be benefited and stay focused. Considering the feedback and the love we are receiving from students, we find that INSTA Revision Plan 2.0, YouTube – I-CAN, ESSAY PERSPECTIVES, Lazy Lessons series have become your favorite.

The energy from Hindi Medium students made us stretch our arms to the extra mile and now we have started free initiatives like Current affairs, Daily current affairs quiz and Static Quiz in Hindi Medium too.

Affordable paid initiatives like INSTA COURSES for 2021– INSTA CLASSES 2021, IPM 2021 TEST SERIES, PRELIMS TEST SERIES 2021 and MAINS TEST SERIES 2021 have been started ahead of time so that students get a competitive edge with an early start to their preparation.

Recently launched Prelims Thematic Test Series has been made available for free for all our full package subscribers so that they keep up the momentum in preparation till Prelims 2020.


Furthermore, On the occasion of INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY, we organised a ‘Special Guided Meditation Session’ for Civil Services aspirants by Mr. Vinay Siddaiah, founder of Yogavijnana ( Our students attended the session in great numbers and we are pleased by the immense positive feedback each one had to offer.


At the end of the meditation session, Mr. Vinay Siddaiah requested students to continue the same practice for the next 21- days as it is the minimum number of days required to build any habit in the practice of Yoga. He demonstrated the importance of regular meditation for calming one’s mind, increased focus, concentration and efficiency levels in day to day life.

InsightsIAS urges you to take up this 21-days meditation as a challenge and execute the same, thereby building one of the most rewarding habits of your life.


If you haven’t watched the meditation video yet, find it on our YouTube channel.

Link to meditation video:


Impeccable mental health can prove to be a game-changer in your preparation phase. Push yourselves and experience a drastic improvement in quality of life! You can post your progress in the comments section of the meditation video on YouTube.

TEAM INSIGHTS will also be taking up this challenge with equal vigour.

At the end of this 21-Days Meditation Challenge, we plan to have a live session with Mr. Vinay Siddaiah, where you can discuss your experience and issues faced if any.


All the very best for your meditation practice and exam preparation!