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[UPDATE] Scholarship Test for InstaClasses 2021 will be Conducted Again on 25th June 2020

Hello Students,

First and foremost, InsightsIAS would like to thank you for your incredible participation in the InstaClasses Scholarship Test conducted today.

With the experience smoothly handling huge traffic of 1.5 lakh unique visitors to our website every day,  and recent successful completion of STEP UP series (with nearly 20k students giving tests smoothly), Team Insights has been preparing day and night from about a month to make Scholarship Test for InstaClasses a technical success and accommodate huge student registrations and ensure a smooth test process.

However, we suspect some malicious DNS attack because of which the website malfunctioned and a number of students faced difficulties in completing the test with ease. Many complained of server being down, inability to login and select an option as their answer.

The efforts of the most deserving and worthy students shall not be compromised at any cost! Hence, InsightsIAS upholding its firm belief in justice and fair treatment to all, has taken a decision to nullify the test results for today and re-conduct the test on the 25th of June, Thursday. All Registered users will be sent an email about the time of the test.

We request you to strengthen your preparation further and attempt the test again on the re-scheduled date with renewed vigour.