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[COLOURFUL DETAILED BROCHURE – IPM-2021 ] InstaCourses 2021 : Integrated Prelims Cum Mains (IPM) Test Series 2021


Integrated Prelims Cum Mains Test Series 2021 , flagship program and a breakthrough initiative, conceptualised and implemented by INSIGHTSIAS, establishes perfect coherence between Prelims & Mains test series. Thus, students can utilise time more effectively & inculcate the knack of orienting their approach to both Prelims & Mains exam in a single go. Apart from Coherence between Prelims & Mains tests, the IPM also embodies EBS (Essential, Breakthrough and Simulation Tests) approach which ensures holistic preparation as there would be a progressive increase in the difficulty level of questions and also brings in the art of Interdisciplinary linkages in answer writing. It is an approach that every aspirant has been longing for and it fills the void in your preparation to the fullest.

IPM 2021 Brochure(Click Here)

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Since we have received  more requests asking for extension of the Early Bird Offer of 15% beyond 15th June 2020 , We have decided to offer a 10% discount as Early Bird offer till 30th June 2020


Details :

Prelims Tests : 50 [ 38 GS + 12 CSAT ]

Mains Tests : 52 [ 42 GS + 10 Essay ]

Fee : 34000/- incl . 18% GST

Early Bird offer : 10% discount till 30th June 2020

Old Subscriber offer : 20% discount

Starts from : 7 August 2020

Mode : Online / Offline

Medium : English Only

Exclusive Take Away : Free Mains Test Series post Prelims 2021 upon completion of all Mains Tests with 10% Marks


CLICK HERE for More Details of IPM 2021