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Total Number of Tests: 12

  • 10 Tests based on Themes covering the syllabus including unconventional topics comprehensively
  • 2 full length tests covering comprehensive syllabus

Medium: English

Mode: Online & Offline

Inclusions: 20 Mains Self Study Questions for every thematic test

Fee: 3500/- inlc. of 18% GST

Early Bird Offer: 15% discount till 26th June 2020

Old Subscriber Offer: 20% discount



(FREE  for all our subscribers of Prelims 2020(Textbook Based & Subject-wise, IPB Subjectwise Full Package, IPB Textbook based Full package) & IPM 2020)


InsightsIAS, in constant pursuit of excellence launches its new Initiative – The Prelims Thematic Test Series (PTS) 2020! for students appearing for UPSC CSE Prelims 2020

2020 has so far been a roller-coaster ride for all of us. COVID-19 Pandemic in all its might and fury had cast it’s shadow of uncertainty on all without any discrimination. For the UPSC aspirants, it was even more so due to the cancellation of the prior prelims date and a long wait for the new schedule. As a great statesman once said, “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope”. 

Now with the announcement of new date for UPSC CSE prelims, you are extremely privileged to get that extra time for your preparation. We, InsightsIAS, have decided to support and motivate you to run the last mile of preparation by offering you a Prelims Thematic Test Series (PTS) 2020! As a social responsibility and as your eternal well-wisher, we have decided to give this new set of tests at FREE OF COST  for all our subscribers of Prelims 2020(Textbook Based & Subject-wise, IPB Subjectwise Full Package, IPB Textbook based Full package) & IPM 2020. Shortly all the tests of Prelims Thematic Test Series (PTS) 2020 will be added to your portal i.e.,!!


Learning is famously said to be a process of integration. The Prelims Thematic Test Series reinforces this method of learning via integration and challenges students to widen their horizons and strengthen their preparation levels.

We have enlisted important themes that are usually scattered across multiples sources and may not get enough time/attention by aspirants:

  • Agriculture – concepts, institutions, schemes, credit
  • Science and Tech – application and emerging technologies
  • Protected areas, wetlands, environmental agreements etc.
  • Regional and international bodies/agreements/treaties
  • Social welfare schemes
  • Arts and culture – portion not found in NCERT books
  • Current affairs of past two years
  • Yojana “DO YOU KNOW”
  • Economic Surveys of past 2 years and Budget
  • UPSC Previous year papers (exhaustive coverage)
  • Map-based questions, tribes etc.

The UPSC CSE Preliminary examination consists of approximately 20-30 Questions based on the themes enlisted above year after year. This constitutes a major chunk of score needed to reach the cut-off.

Then, why are students unable to master the above themes?

  • No single source to study them with ease
  • Unconventional topics
  • Coverage is vast, tedious and time-consuming
  • Lack of experience and technique to inter-link concepts
  • Low knowledge retention

InsightsIAS continuing its quest of simplifying IAS preparation for its students covers all these themes comprehensively from an exhaustive list of resources and provides its students with a Prelims Thematic Test Series par excellence making it absolutely necessary to be practiced before attempting the Preliminary Examination 2020. The Test Series comes with an assurance to help students overcome every hurdle they face in their preparation journey.

Emphasizing on the importance of Integration, every mock test comes with Mains self-study questions enabling students to inter-link and prepare for Mains simultaneously. In the coming 100 days or so, you have the chance to master these areas not only from Prelims but also from Mains perspective. It is a win-win situation in all respects. PTS will keep you focussed so that you do not neglect Prelims preparation.

If you cover the sources mentioned in PTS 2020 timetable and attend these mocks regularly, we guarantee that you will see a tremendous improvement in your grasp and understanding of these topics. Even if you can answer 50% of the questions from these topics with proper focus and preparation, it can make a huge difference to your final score. And, you no longer need to be confused over what to read and how to cover these topics, or live with the anxiety that you might miss this or that topic. It is all addressed in one power-packed mini test series!


Download Prelims Thematic Test Series 2020 Timetable Here