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[MOTOVATION] You can win the War if you lose the Battle, but what if you lose the Courage

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Dear Insightians,

To be Honest, The Present Time is not good. Negativity is bombarding from everywhere. From un-imagined Covid-19 pandemic to the falling economy, from the postponement of UPSC Exam to Uncertainty of future of Education Sector, from the Death of favourite Film Star to rising Depression cases in the Society, from the Martyrdom of our “Real Heroes” Army Personnel to the rising tension over Borders, Postponement of pay revisions for the employees, so many Job cuts, rising inflation, sufferings of Daily Wage Labourers,.

You name the Bad News. We have it Right Now. In this time, it is really difficult for any UPSC aspirant to study dedicatedly for 12 hours. It is very normal to lose the hope about bleak future. Hence, lot many resort into anxiety avoiding activities: Netflixing, Video Games, Social Media etc. And even if they do preparation, that will be of less intensity – Just one hour of Newspaper reading, attending few Quizzes, just glancing optional for few mins and done for the day. Internally they enter into the vicious cycle of Anxiety->Less Preparation->Increased Anxiety->Lesser Preparation-> – – – > Depression.

Once, in a prolonged warfare, a king was given the news that he had lost a battle. Naturally, his disappointment was abysmal. He almost fainted on hearing this sad news. When he recovered, he felt depressed and gloomy; his palace and possessions suddenly lost all charm for him.

The queen tried to console him, but the king kept mumbling, ‘My army has been defeated; I have lost all my artillery,’ so on and so forth.

The queen in trying to assuage him said, ‘My sir! I have known about all this. But I have even worse news to give you!’

The king stopped his soliloquy, and asked in amazement, ‘Worse than this news! What can be worse than this news!’

The queen said, ‘You have lost a battle, but you can still win the war. What worries me is not the loss of your army, but the loss of your courage. And that is by far a worse loss. The loss of hope, enthusiasm and courage spells a sure doom, whereas the loss of military power is comparatively nothing. The future is bleak for him who is hopeless. Take heart, therefore, my lord!’

The queen’s words were not meant for the king only; they apply to us all. Instead of taking things to heart, we have to learn to take heart. We have to overcome depression and defeatism and despondency; for he who loses hope has no future ahead of him.

INSTA REVISION PLAN is devised to help you in ABC Mode – A: (Affect) to maintain your emotions in a positive and motivated way; B: (Behaviour) to develop the skills of your answer writing and MCQ practice consistently; C: (Cognitive) to help you cover the Syllabus, to help you develop strategies, tricks, techniques, ideas for Mains and Prelims.

Team InsightsIAS is committed to help Sincere and Serious Students Intensely. Are you committed to help your-SELF.

To Your Success,

Team InsightsIAS