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INSTA REVISION PLAN 2.0: Blueprint for Prelims + Mains -2020 Preparation

Many times adversities provide us greatest opportunities. These opportunities must be grabbed in order to not only escape the so-called adversity but also to succeed. The success that’s tasted after sheer hard work and discipline – is the sweetest one. Many people work hard. But very few work hard with discipline. And when someone is facing adversity and uncertainty, both discipline and hard work become hard to follow and sustain. During such times all you need is a plan that keeps you busy, a supportive community that keeps you awake all the time and a mentor who wants you to succeed and supports you in this journey till the end. These things will keep your internal motivation high – the x-factor – that’s needed to endure this long and arduous journey. 

You have a Plan now. You have an amazing community of aspirants – it is so amazing that when you look at the people who comment, post and troll on other social media such as Twitter – our community of Insightians looks like a virtual utopian world. They comment so positively, encourage others to do well and keep positivity alive by being nice to each other. 

Now the time has come to make use of the best opportunity that you have all got. Most of you followed the Insta 75 Days Revision Plan 1.0 and made use of the time effectively. Now, with the gift for nearly 4 extra months – it’s time for you to prepare so well that you must feel confident about Mains-2020 as well.

You can now afford to devote the next two months for the preparation of Mains without fearing Prelims (as you have already done so much for Prelims-2020). But, these two months must be used wisely to improve those areas which will help you fetch more marks in Mains-2020.

These areas are:

1) Mains-Specific GS topics – which many people ignore due to too much focus on Prelims syllabus

2) Ethics (General Studies Paper – 4)

3) Essay

4) Optional Subject

The INSTA Revision Plan 2.0 is carefully designed to help you concentrate on these areas for the next two months and then smoothly shift to Prelims-Only preparation (from first week of August onwards).

The Detailed Timetable is pretty self-explanatory. Please go through it 2-3 times and internalise it. Let it be your blue-print for the next four months. 

Download the Timetable from Link Below:


This time we have given so much Revision Gaps and have also Kept Sundays exclusively for Essay writing till August first week. And then all the Sundays are meant for either revision or completion of pending portions. 

With respect to Optional – including it in this timetable was very tricky. Knowing the importance of practicing answer writing in optional subjects  – we went for the best approach of directing you to solve last 2-3 years UPSC papers. You can either segregate last 3 years papers subject-wise and practice daily 1-2 questions, or as given in the timetable write answers to one broad question (including sub-questions). This will help you gain confidence in the optional subject. 

Choose the questions, read the topics from your texts/notes and then answer these questions based on memory. Keep a separate notebook for this. We will explore if it’s possible to hep you post your answers on our website so that some of you can mutually review each others’ answers.

You will have to write one essay every Sunday for the next 8 Sundays. You can watch our Essay Perspective video for self-evaluation or for enrichment (only if you find them useful).

With respect to Ethics, you are asked to answer questions from 2013 and 2014 papers. Solving those questions daily will help you write better answers. We will try our best to post videos of discussion of these ethics questions. You may compare and see where you can improve. 

Moreover, from our side we will review a few answers daily (if you post in the comments section). We will feature the best answer too. 

The Mains specific topics are given preference in the beginning. If you can complete most of them by Mid-August (try to make small notes), you will do well in the Mains Test Series after Prelims. Topics are placed in the timetable in such a way that there is a smooth transition from Mains-Specific topics to Prelims cum Mains overlapping topics.

We have also kept in mind that you guys were saturated with so much prelims specific tests and revision topics. You can follow this timetable with new energy and new confidence. Say goodbye to boredom.

Finally, your 100 percent commitment is needed here. If you want to see progress, you will have to trust someone and try the process with lots of faith. Follow this INSTA Revision Plan 2.0 for 20 days straight. You will see lots of progress. 

Even if you follow 70 percent of this plan, you will be in a lot better position than you are today when it comes to inching towards success.

Come out of this small break and prepare in such a way that you should be proud of yourself. Unlock yourself from the uncertainty and make certain your success. 

Looking forward to your participation. 

Download the Timetable from Link Below:


(if any minor changes are required, the Plan will be updated accordingly. You may point out them in comments section)