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Mahindra Logistics launches queer inclusion policy

Context: To foster the inclusion of LGBTQAI+ employees, Mahindra Logistics Ltd. (MLL) has unveiled a five-year plan which aims at hiring queer people and extending benefits to same-sex partners.

Key provisions:

  • The policy includes adoption leave for queer workers.
  • Same-sex partners shall be eligible for 12-week adoption leave, starting from the date of the adoption.
  • Benefits under the existing medical insurance shall be extended to same-sex partners on declaration of their partner’s details.
  • The company’s definition of compassionate leave — which can be availed for four days by an employee in case of death of an immediate family member — will be extended to same-sex partners.
  • To make the workplace inclusive for queer employees, MLL will offer LGBTQAI+ staff counselling services on request, for them and three immediate family members, which includes their partner.
  • There will be equal opportunity and non-discrimination in various processes, including recruitment, transfer, relocation, training and development, and promotion.
  • Any incident of sexual harassment reported by a queer employee shall be investigated by the internal complaints committee.
  • The company also seeks to bridge the gender diversity gap by hiring more women, and aims to hire more persons with disabilities.

Sources: the Hindu.