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[UPDATE] Insta 75 Days Plan 2.0 – Timetable will be Posted in the Evening


Yesterday was the last day of Insta 75 Days Revision Plan. Thousands of you participated regularly and used the initiative to improve your knowledge and skills. We thank you for showing such a wonderful enthusiasm and consistency in learning. 

As there is still uncertainty about many things looming on everyone of us(in this country and world), Team Insights will not like to see you directionless under this uncertainty.  Insta 75 days revision plan ensured that those who followed were kept busy and away from unnecessary distractions.

In this regard, tonight at 9 pm we will post extended timetable of Insta 75 days revision plan. Which we will call it as Insta 75 Days Revision Plan 2.0 (you may call it Resurrection Plan too).

Based on your feedback we have designed the timetable to help you to read, revise and retain topics of high importance under each broad subject of the UPSC prelims syllabus.  This timetable is light in the sense that Insta 2.0 version helps you strengthen those basic concepts and topics which are a recurring themes in previous UPSC question papers. The timetable assumes that you will have minimum of 60 days for prelims and is accordingly designed to keep you engaged productively for those many days. 

You have already given enough (mostly positive) feedback on Insta 75 Days revision plan. Those of you who genuinely used the initiative can leave back your overall experience of following Insta Plan 1.0 –  an experience of following a tight routine under pressure and under uncertain times. This will give us more energy and motivation to implement Plan 2.0. 

Not to boast about anything, we are happy that every day at exactly 8 PM we posted questions. This was because we know that if we falter students will also falter. Key to ensure consistency in you is to practice consistency from our side too. In future we are planning to ensure same discipline for all our initiatives (fixed time for all initiatives). 

We thank our faculties Thanmay Sir, Aaditya Sir,  Manasa Ma’am, Kiran sir  and Sudeep Sir for ensuring that Insta 75 Days Plan 1.0 went smoothly despite they themselves being under many problems caused due to covid situation. 

We are looking forward to your Plan 2.0. Hope to see more energy and participation from your side. Don’t give up. Don’t rest. Don’t let any uncertainty affect your resolve to succeed. Stay charged up. Stay awake till you reach your goal.