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INSTA REVISION PLAN 2.0 for UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam – 2020

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As we move towards times of further uncertainty, the only way you can focus on your goal is by staying away from things that don’t matter to your exam preparation. And to stay away from things that doesn’t matter, you have to stay with things that matter most. For you, right now, your goal to become a civil servant matters most. And to become a civil servant you should constantly work towards improving your abilities and chances of clearing UPSC civil services examination.

Bad phases in life – self-imposed or imposed externally by someone or something(like by a virus) – should not be an excuse to deviate from your long-cherished goal and eventually end up as a failure. You can always bounce back. Life throws at you various opportunities. It’s just that you should be open to accepting these opportunities and make use of them. Many times we don’t realise certain opportunities that exist around us – may be because these opportunities are free of cost or seem to be available very easily. 

Again if you are smart enough to grab an opportunity, you should be very smart to not to let it go also. Following a plan for a few days and giving it up because it doesn’t suit your routine or your taste or your personality – is actually a mistake. To clear exams like the civil services exam, you should modify your personality to suit the demand of the exam. Not the other way round.

Ok we will come to the point. The point is that many of you followed Insta 75 Days plan and really used it very well. Those who didn’t follow it earlier, should follow Insta Revision Plan 2.0 with all the sincerity – because it really helps in many ways. Firstly it will give you a direction in these times of gloom and darkness; secondly it will keep you so busy that you will not have time to worry about anything unrelated to civil services exam; thirdly, you will learn so many things and see that you are getting good at solving questions; lastly, you will get confidence to clear this exam.

Here is the timetable of Insta Revision Plan 2.0 .

We haven’t mentioned sources as most of the topics we have mentioned are related to current affairs. You can refer to The Hindu website; Wikipedia, Insights current affairs, Insta Revision modules and your notes.

While following this plan focus more on reading and solving equations related to the topics mentioned. You should consider solving MCQs from Insights Question banks published by McGraw Hill and Oxford University Press – only selectively for the topics mentioned under respective days and respective subjects. 

For every topic given in the timetable, you should think like UPSC. Which means, try to brainstorm on the topics and think what kind of questions can be set on these topics for the UPSC prelims paper. The topics which we have mentioned are part of ‘Footprint’ topics that we discussed in our recent Oxford University Press webinar (please watch it to understand what’s ‘Footprint’ topic).

If you have already solved our mocks, following this plan will be a cakewalk. As it’s a revision plan and as we always stress on revisions – we have included Insta 75 Days Revision – 2020 questions as part of this plan. You should revise nearly 2000 questions too. 

UPSC will conduct prelims. This is certainty. Don’t think about anything else. Keep working on improving your skills and knowledge. Every day you should strive to be at the top of the competition. Stay healthy, stay safe. 

We hope you will participate in the Insta Revision Plan 2.0 with double the energy and enthusiasm. Wish you all the best.

Between, we have give you a break of 6 days. Rejuvenate and bounce back.  We will be waiting for you. 🙂

Please note, There will be no INSTA Revision Test on 30th May 2020. Current Affairs of May 2020 will be covered on 5th June 2020