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[PDF] Insights InstaTest 57 to 60 : Insta 75 Days Revision Plan – 2020

 Please find the PDF files of InstaTests 57 to 60  which are part of ongoing Insta 75 Days Revision Plan.

We have created separate files for Questions and Solutions of General Studies Paper 1 and CSAT. These files are meant for easy revision of InstaTests. Please revise these ONLY after giving daily InstaTests HERE

Just giving these tests directly will give you knowledge, but solving these by following Insta 75 Days Revision Timetable makes huge difference. Don’t ignore this aspect if you are serious about clearing Prelims. Both online and offline serious students are following this timetable religiously and are already enjoying the tight routine and its benefits. 

Treat every day and every test as Learning till May 31st. Ignore scores and focus more on how much you can learn every day from daily reading, revisions and giving tests.