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[ UPDATE ] INSTACOURSES – 2021: Prelims, Mains and IPM Test Series – 2021 for UPSC Civil Services Examination – 2021

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To prepare well for this exam you need a plan. To clear this exam you need a good guide and mentor in addition to your sustained hard work. When you are preparing for this exam you need someone to watch you constantly, push you consistently and take care of your doubts (and self-doubts) now and then. Even if you are very strong, bouts of demotivation and frustration are sure to affect your confidence.

The very nature of exam is very demanding and sometimes it tests limits of your patience. So, when you are preparing for civil services exam, you need to work both on knowledge and personality. Knowledge is available abundantly everywhere. But, to shape your personality and to help you gain confidence by providing you clear-cut right guidance, you need a trusted source(person/website/institution) whose intention is only to see you succeed and celebrate your success without owning it.

A true guide believes strongly that an aspirant earns his or her success on their own through their sheer hard work (and little bit luck). We have always strived to be that guide who wants to facilitate success of a candidate by giving them tools to succeed. Our core principle has always been to teach you how to fish and help you study to the best of your ability by using tools we give you. The tools we give should be trustworthy, strong and reliable till the end. We are aware of these expectations and our team has always constantly strived to give you the best. 

It is a matter of pride that for many years now many toppers have successfully used combination of our test series programs and free initiatives to prepare better for this prestigious exam and then clear it with good ranks. The benevolence shown by thousands of aspirants who bought our test series has helped us sustain free initiatives for very long. We treat our work as gratitude  to help an aspirant reach their goal thereby helping him/her serve society better.

Over the years, we at Insights have learnt many important lessons and skills to help you prepare productively, effectively and efficiently by instilling confidence in you through a myriad of our initiatives – both free and paid.

As you might have seen in our motivational articles and videos that we genuinely think that everyone of you has a chance to clear this exam provided you are given the right guidance with only the good intention of seeing you succeed and celebrate that success. We strongly believe that our programs act as facilitator and ultimate success is earned by you through your hard work alone. However, this hard work must be consistent and put under right guidance.

That is where our test series programs will help you. 

Nowadays the civil services exam being conducted by UPSC is getting complex, tough and unpredictable. This exam demands from you the ability to think and take decisions on the spot. Exam papers are more inclined towards testing your common sense through tricky, subjective and vague questions. Reading books and readymade materials will give you lots of knowledge, but they will never give the skills necessary to clear this exam.

To cultivate new skills and improve certain aspects you must have an integrated approach where you not only study, but also put into test rigorously what you study  on a regular basis. All our programs – be it Prelims test series, Mains test series or IPM – pose you rigorous test regime where you can constantly test your skills (of comprehension, retention, common sense and ability to think on the spot), and also learn new concepts and facts through our detailed synopsis documents provided with each test. 

You must join these test series programs from day one to prepare effectively for CSE-2021. Starting early gives you sufficient time to improve at your own pace – slowly but steadily. Starting early gives you time to revise all tests multiple times and remember lots of stuff for Prelims as well as for Mains-2021.

We have noticed that those who start early and stay consistent will go on to clear this exam fast (within 1-2 attempts). In worst case scenarios many of the early starters at least write Mains in their first attempts, sometimes reaching the interview stage as well (if they finish Optional properly before prelims). Those who resort to solving tests in the end – just before prelims – find it difficult to clear this exam as it’s too much to digest at that moment. Moreover most aspirants panic because of the huge amount of materials that pile up by then. 

Last year we launched our highly successful Integrated Prelims cum Mains (IPM) program where without any confusion one could seamlessly prepare both for prelims and mains simultaneously in one go. This approach of integrated preparation helps you gain confidence in crucial parts of this exam – answer writing practice including practicing writing essays – from the first week of preparation itself (You can read more about IPM HERE and for IPM 2021 Brochure(Click Here)).

During these tough times when you can not step outside of your home, self-study is the best way forward till situation normalises. You will have to stay very busy to remove negative thoughts which arises due to uncertainty associated with the exam. For this as already told, you need a schedule that makes your life hectic leaving no scope for you to think anything beyond UPSC preparation. By following the test series timetable, discipline naturally comes to you.

This year we will be guiding you about important aspects related to preparation through video lectures for all the courses (check details under timetables of each courses)

Following are the courses that you can join. Please click on each of the courses to read their details. You can make a choice based on your level of preparation and preferences. Whatever choice you make, we will do justice to the program. Thank you for your support and love. 


1. Textbook-wise PRELIMS TEST SERIES – 2021 (NCERT and other Standard Texts Based) Full Package & Only GS Package


–  Course Details (Click Here)

Timetable(Click Here)

2. Subject-wise PRELIMS TEST SERIES – 2021 (Thematic tests based on topics given in UPSC prelims syllabus) Full Package & Only GS Package


–  Course Details(Click here)

Timetable(Click Here)

3. Only CSAT – 2021

CLICK HERE to Download the timetable for ONLY CSAT package


4. Yearlong MAINS TEST SERIES – 2021:

Course Details(Click Here);

– Timetable(Click here)

5. Integrated Prelims cum Mains TEST SERIES (IPM)- 2021 :


–  Course Details(Click Here)

– Timetable(Click Here)

IPM 2021 Brochure(Click Here)


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