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[ UPDATE ] INSTACOURSES-2021: Features and Timetable of InsightsIAS Prelims SUBJECT-WISE (Thematically Designed as per UPSC Syllabus of Prelims) – for UPSC Civil Services Exam – 2021

Features of Subject-wise Prelims TEST SERIES – 2021

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If you are fond of reading systematically subject-wise i.e first finish a topic like geography fully and then move to environment etc, insights SUBJECT-wise TEST SERIES provides you necessary platform for you to not only study systematically, but also revise multiple times.

Even if subject-wise, each test recommends basic NCERT books in addition to advanced books. Every test will have a component of static and current affairs to test level of your understanding of ongoing issues and how you link them with static.

Quality tests which are conducted regularly with clock like precision will help you assess your preparation timely. Detailed synopsis (solutions) for each test and each question will give you ample study material to even prepare for Mains.

More than 75 questions from our tests have directly or indirectly repeated in previous UPSC exams. This depends  on how well you use our tests for the exam. 


ONLY GS package of Subject Wise Prelims Test Series is also available

Objective of the test series: To help aspirants acquire enormous knowledge, develop skills to apply knowledge and tricks, patiently tackle any kind of paper with confidence, stay in the race and come out with flying colors

  • Starts From: 7th August 2020
  • Total 50 Tests:
  • Full Package 38 GS [ 14 Essential + 10 Breakthrough + 8 Simulation + 6 Revision Tests] + 12 CSAT
  • Fees: Rs. 9500/-
  • Only GS – 7000/-
  • Only CSAT – 2500/-

Old subscriber Offer : 20% discount

Early Bird Offer : 8% discount

  • Medium: English
  • Mode: Online & Offline

We also have only GS package of Subject wise Prelims Test Series 2021

  • Test Starts From: 7th August 2020
  • Only GS – Total 38 Tests:  38 GS[ 14 Essential + 10 Breakthrough + 8 Simulation + 6 Revision Tests]
  • Fees: 7000/- (Subscribe Here)
  • Medium: English / Hindi
  • Mode : Online & Offline
  • Old subscriber discount : 20%
  • Early Bird Offer : 8% discount


NEW INCLUSIONS: (Explained in detail in the bottom)

  • INSTA Preparatory Classes (check details in timetable)
  • Prelims Strategy Classes & Tricks
  •  10 Mains Questions with Synopsis  (for integrated self-study preparation)
  •  INSTA 30 Current Affairs and INSTA Value-added Material (Soft Copy)
  • Online portal that is feature rich which gives you more tools to constantly improve your scores

Our coveted INSTA 75 days Revision Plan 2021 which will be released later in the Month of March 2021(tentatively) exclusively for prelims preparation will be aligned to Textbook based prelims test series 2021 and Subject-wise prelims test series 2021

Why care to join a Test Series in the first place?

As an IAS aspirant you are not preparing for an ordinary exam. This exam requires you to be not only an individual of knowledge but also of right attitude to serve people of this country under various capacities in diverse fields and under uncertain circumstances.

Test series, especially the one offered by InsightsIAS, prepares you for the uncertainties this exam poses you. By joining test series, you will get a plan for a year that will keep you not only busy by giving targets, but will also help you stay consistent. As you know consistency is key to success. Without a plan you will deviate soon and go off the track to spend many years of your precious life seeking success. You cannot succeed without doing adequate practicing (in a consistent manner) for the exam you are preparing.

When you join a test series by paying certain amount of fees, you are under obligation to stay in the competition. You are under compulsion to be self-accountable. Regular tests and all India ranking will help you understand the competition and improve your skills and knowledge in a time-bound manner. There are many more benefits. As an aspirant you must seize the chance by joining early these tests and squeeze (revise multiple times) them to improve your chances of clearing this exam.

Why INSIGHTSIAS Subject wise Prelims Test Series:

  1. 1. Perfectly planned timetable to keep you focused, busy and consistent throughout the year
  2. EBS Approach to STEP-UP the difficulty level gradually to make you more competitive 
  3. Start your preparation right with our INSTA Preparatory Classes on
  • Strategy for UPSC CSE 2021
  • How to read books for INSIGHTS Prelims Tests?
  • How to read Current Affairs?
  • How to make notes for Prelims 2021?
  • Strategy Class and Tricks to score high in Insights Prelims Tests as well as in Prelims 2021
  1. Complete both prelims and mains syllabus by March 2021
  2. Cover unconventional portion through MCQs
  3. Get the widest post analysis features in the test portal for both online and offline tests to improve your scores drastically
  4. Tests are completely Flexible – give them when you are ready
  5. You can take the test any time from the scheduled date
  6. You can choose to write every test either online or offline (We are the first among all for providing complete flexibility in terms of mode of test)
  7. Discuss and get your doubts cleared by experts as well as peers
  8. Experience the real competition with our huge serious aspirant base
  9. Simulation of real Prelims exam with the standard of questions as well as prepares you for peripheral questions
  10. Credibility! – Hit ratio of 80% in CSE 2019 (Link provided at the end)
  11. Toppers enrolled and toppers recommend and toppers are made from our tests
  12. Multiple re-takes enabled two months before prelims so that you can revise multiple times
  13. Get INSTA 30 – Quick Revision of Monthly Current affairs in 30 pages and other INSTA Value added Materials related to prelims like INSTA BOOSTER Material
  14. Get Exclusive INSTA Classes on

-Strategy for CSE 2021

-How to read textbooks for Mock tests?

-How to make notes?

-How to read Current Affairs?

-How to score well in Prelims Mocks?

-Tips and techniques for scoring high in Prelims 2021.

  1. Explanation/Discussion classes for every prelims Tests will be held. (Video recording of the classes will also be provided)


Subject wise test series is a guiding light for Prelims 2021 for those students who are familiar with the UPSC Syllabus and have completed the syllabus at least once. 



The timetable of Subject wise test series is carefully crafted to ensure proper time gap to study & Multiple revisions. 

CLICK HERE to download the Subject-wise prelims test series Timetable

CLICK HERE for Timetable of Subject wise only GS package

You have the Option of going for Combined Package of both Textbookwise and Subjectwise Prelims Test Series (Click Here to Download TIMETABLE of Combined Test Series Package) for more rigorous practice at Rs 15500/(Subscribe HERE)

Timetable is so designed that we complete every subject in 3 different rounds

1st Round is Essential round (GS Tests 1 to 17) where you can expect questions mostly to check your conceptual clarity and understanding (Revision Tests [ GS Tests 7, 11 & 17] will be applied level in nature)

2nd Round is Breakthrough round (GS Tests 18 to 30 with GS Tests 21,24,28 being Revision Tests) where in you mostly apply knowledge and skills to solve the questions (link for skills & intelligent guessing is given at the end of the document) 

3rd Round is Simulation round (GS Tests 31 to 38) where the entire paper mimics UPSC Prelims Paper and prepares you to tackle any kind of question.

  1. Subjects are covered according to GS paper wise so that a sense of completion for Mains is also felt. For mastering the art of answer writing, you need to answer 10 Mains Questions that will be provided for every test and get them reviewed by your peers or self-review will also help. We will be providing synopsis for these 10 Q. These are NOT model answers but only synopsis.
  2. With this timetable we ensure you progress in completion of syllabus and also improve your skills in solving different types of questions.
  3. Time Gap Between tests in Essential round is kept 10 days (in 95% of the cases except during Sundays and Festivals) as it is the 1st time that you will be covering the syllabus. Even if you are not able to complete the syllabus, do not panic, as you will be covering during the Revision tests and also the 2nd Round.
  4. Time Gap Between the tests in Breakthrough round is reduced to 7 days having known that you would have covered the syllabus during Essential round. Again, Revision Tests of Breakthrough round will equip you with confidence of having covered the syllabus 4 times by now. In the Breakthrough Round you will also be covering important releases by Government from which questions are mostly expected every year – INDIA YEAR BOOK 2021, ECONOMIC SURVEY & BUDGET.
  5. Before that Start of Simulation Round, we will be providing you classes with tips and techniques to score high in prelims and also few important classes.
  6. The Simulation Round Mimics the UPSC Prelims exam and ensures you are well prepared for any kind of paper in the prelims exam. We try to nudge you with difficulty level and out of the box questions so that you learn better through MCQs. Alternate Simulation Tests will have GS as well as CSAT on the same day so that you get acclimatized to the UPSC Prelims exam.

**Time gap between tests in simulation round is 5days. This is tentative in nature. WE will confirm the dates in updates section after UPSC Releases Calendar of Exams

Note on Sources Mentioned:

    1. In all cases except otherwise specifically mentioned we will follow New NCERTs
    2. Economy: 10th Edition of Ramesh Singh will be referred. 
    3. Modern India: Refer to either Latest edition of Spectrum Publication or Struggle for India’s Independence – Bipin Chandra.
    4. Current Affairs: We will be covering previous 10 days of Current Affairs from multiple sources. However, depending on the importance and need, we may cover current affairs of previous months’ too.
    5. Map Based Questions: We suggest students to complete an exercise of Map work of all important political and physical geography. Emphasis should be on political and physical maps of places in news.

In due course of time we will compile the important places in news and how to practice map-based questions on them.

Other parts of the syllabus: (National Parks/Biosphere Reserves etc. + Regional and International bodies + Tribes of India): We will share a break-up plan and resources to study and attempt this part of the syllabus in due time.



We are proud and excited to have come up with unique features to help students not worry about their test series, mode of test series, performance analysis, performance tracker etc.,

  • Now you choose to take each test either offline or online by easily switching the mode of test. i.e., you may choose to write a few tests online and a few offline. This is specifically designed to ensure hazzle free preparation in any kind of situation around.
  • You can sit at home, write your test on an OMR and get results. This works exactly as if you are writing tests offline, however at your convenience time & place (This feature is coming up shortly)
  • DETAILED ANALYTICAL ASSESSMENT SYSTEM: We have brought in the widest analytics for post-test analysis. Your portal itself will be your guide for improvement in your performance – you can analyze your strengths & weaknesses, subjects to work upon, skills to work upon, Question Paper analysis based on categories and difficulty level, get All India Rank, get Your scorecard & Leader board, etc.,
  • Discuss the tests with peers and experts and get your doubts cleared
  • All previous years’ Prelims Test Series Question papers and Solutions, Current Affairs, Secure Compilation, Quizzes and important study material will be available to download
  • Get INSTA 30 – Quick Revision of Monthly Current affairs in 30 pages and other INSTA Value added Material related to Prelims
  • ICAN, SECURE, Daily Current Affairs, All Free Initiatives of WWW.INSIGHTSONINDIA.COM will be available in your portal itself

You can witness the real competition with your dynamic rank. We help you track the improvement in scores, your commitment in following the schedule and reminder for the tests that you have not completed yet. A walk through of the Test portal will be provided shortly.



“I started with mock test papers of InsightsIAS test series and complement it with Current Affairs material of Insightsonindia. “Intelligent guessing“ article of Insights really helped me. Do go through it.

Insights online mock tests for prelims and mains were of great help for self assessment.”

Anu Kumari(AIR 2, CSE 2017)

“I did prelims related test series from InsightsIAS. I revised the questions that I got wong 3-4 times. I did not follow any other test series. I also diligently attempted last prelims revision plan of InsightsIAS”

Nandini K R (AIR 1, CSE- 2016)

“…followed offline prelims test series of Insights and also, prelims cum mains integrated study plan…Initially, I struggled to answer 5-6 answers. But, I was pushed to answer more and more at Insights. In the end I could easily answer all 20 questions in 3hours without diluting quality of answers… Solutions given by Insights were detailed and helped me understand a topic in –depth. I used to score 130+ in Insights offline prelims tests. In CSP-2016, I could score 141+ in paper-1 due to extensive revision of these tests.”

Dhyanachandra H M(AIR 47, CSE 2016)

“…Insights tests are very well designed w.r.t it’s content and approach. Every test exposed the reality in me… The detailed explanations given after tests helped me realize my strengths and weakness…Revision at Insights for Prelims 2016 – Masterstroke. Thanks to Insights tests, I could attend almost 60 questions with confidence within 45 minutes. …”


  • How to approach Intelligent Guessing 

(While this technique is widely applicable, remember that this is NOT a rule. It does not apply in all the cases.)

  • How to avoid overthinking options in UPSC prelims

  • Why should you attempt more Questions in Prelims?

  • Questions from INSIGHTSIAS Test Series & Revision Plan in the Prelims Exam


  • Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable in nature in all circumstances
  • INSIGHTSIAS material will be for the individual student use only and copyright protected (only softcopy will be provided)
  • Any violation of copyright law if observed, enrolment to the test series will be cancelled