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[ Reminder ] : STEP-UP Series 2020 (All India Free Open Mock Tests) – Test 3 [ English & Hindi ]

INSIGHTSIAS Open Mock Tests are Simulation tests which are designed to give Civil Service aspirants the actual feel of the exam and also serve as tool to gauge their level of preparation. Not only the quality of questions is on par with UPSC standards but you also experience the intense competition with thousands of serious aspirants taking the tests from across the country.

We are happy and overwhelmed with the seriousness with which aspirants are taking the tests. Constant revision and practicing more number of quality questions will immensely boost your confidence and chances of clearing the preliminary examination.

This is a reminder note for Test 3 ( GS and CSAT ) of STEP-UP Series 2020 English Medium and Test 3 (GS) of STEP-UP Series 2020 Hindi Medium – which are Scheduled for Sunday(17th May 2020). Follow the below Link to Give the Test.



Note : These tests are flexible – you can take up the tests anytime after the scheduled date and time. All the tests will be available to you till the day before Prelims Exam.


For those of you who have still not registered for the Open Mock Test Series can register from the below link and give the test



(If you face any issues during registrations or during the test, kindly send a mail to