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I-CAN Initiative – List of Very Important Topics and General Studies Questions Covered (April 2020)

In the month of April, in our new and , now famous initiative –I-CAN (Insta Current Affairs and News analysis), we have covered very important topics from both Prelims and Mains point of view. Though most news coverage in media was about COVID-19, in I-CAN we have covered diverse issues that are extremely important for civil services exam – 2020.

In addition, in every I-CAN initiative we have given thoughtful question for practicing answer writing and also the discussion of these questions was carried out very next day. This has motivated many to start writing answers on daily basis. Read HERE about the feedback that we got on I-CAN. You will be motivated to start following it. 

(Check the topics covered below the following banner)

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Glimpses of Topics Covered (PDF of all topics of April 2020 is given HERE)

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