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[ UPDATE ] : STEP-UP Series 2020 (All India Free Open Mock Tests) Test 3 & 4 [English] Rescheduled

In the light of the postponement of UPSC Civil Services (Preliminary) examination, we have decided to modify the schedule of STEP UP SERIES 2020 (English). The revised schedule stands as follows:


17th May 2020 : Test 3 (GS) and Test 3 (CSAT)

31st May 2020 : Test 4 (GS) and Test 4 (CSAT)

We have also decided to extend your access to the Open Mock test series portal until the revised Prelims examination date.

According to the decision of UPSC on 20th May (Regarding the fresh Prelims date), we may add a few more open mock tests and notify you on the same.